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  • I recently did a fresh install of Opera 52.0.2871.40 on Ubuntu 16.04. I enabled synchronization on this and on another machine running the same version of Opera in order to update the Ubuntu box with the the other machine's settings, including the Speed Dial entries. It mostly seems to work OK, except that when I click on the Ubuntu box bookmark icon, the Bookmarks tab does not have the "Other Speed Dials" line entry & I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to appear.

    The other machine (Devuan Jessie) does show "Other Speed Dials" in its Bookmarks tab. On the Ubuntu machine, "Bookmarks", "Settings", "History", "Open Tabs", and "Passwords" are all set under "Advanced Configuration", and have been updated successfully from the other machine.

    Opera documentation clearly states in several places that synchronizing Speed Dial entries can be done. Does anyone have the magic combo?


  • @bbatten There are bookmarks on both computers?

  • @leocg : Quick Response! Thanks.
    Yes. Bookmarks are synced. Passwords are synced. Settings are synced. As far as I can tell, History and Open tabs are synced. Just Other Speed Dials is missing on the Ubuntu machine.

    I notice that the "Other Speed Dials" folder on the Devuan machine Bookmarks tab has now disappeared after screwing around some more with synchronization on the Ubuntu machine.

  • @bbatten Sorry, I should have said Speed Dials instead of bookmarks. If one Opera doesn't have any Speed Dials, the other will have not to show in 'other speed dials'.

  • @leocg Well, through shenanigans I don't really understand, "Other Speed Dials" has magically reappeared under the Bookmarks tab on my Devuan machine. An "Other Speed Dials" folder has now also appeared under the Bookmarks tab on my Ubuntu machine and it has a copy of all the speed dial entries that are on the Devuan box - which is what I want.

    Now, how do I get the entries in "Other Speed Dials" on the Ubuntu box into the "Speed Dials" folder on that machine?


  • @bbatten You copy them from one 'folder' to the other.

  • @leocg One at a time? Is there any way to select and copy all entries at once?


  • @bbatten The classic Ctrl + A should help.

  • @leocg Ah, right I stumbled upon this: Speed Dials batch restore.

    (Never mind.)