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  • Hello everybody,

    I went though all the - quite nifty - experiment options and came across some where I'm not sure, what it exactly does.
    I'm hoping some Opera guru - and there seem to be a lot on this forum 🙂 - can give me some info on them:

    • What does Enhanced Autofill add to the default one?
    • What's Extended toolbar buttons handling?
    • What's the difference between Save session for offline restart vs. Enable Offline Cache Mode?
    • ... and between Onload event delay vs. Enable lazy session loading?
    • What does Disable hyperlink auditing do?
    • Don't know what that means either: Public suffix domain matching for auto-filling of passwords

    Hopefully you can help me out, thanks!

    edit: hm, Markdown is weird / isn't working...

  • oh, and while we are at Experiments...

    I have a suggestion for the developers:

    • Could you please add some markings on that page? Like a yellow background for things I've changed, a big exclamation mark on settings that are new since the last Opera update and a hint, that others don't exist anymore....
    • It would also be cool if I could export these settings (for other computers/installations)

    Hm, should I post this in the "Opera Next and Opera Developer" forum?


    edit: Markdown again...

  • Opera is based on Chromium. So, most of those options in flags are Chromium option where you can just look up what they do on the net or the Chromium documentation specifically.

  • Hm, tried the net a whole lot already 🙂
    But Chromium documentation sounds good, thanks!

  • No luck there either...

    Does anyone know what these do?

  • Here are a few that I found searching really quickly.

    Enable Offline Cache Mode

    Disable Hyperlink Auditing. Also see HTML5 ping attribute.

    Public Suffix...

  • Onload event delay vs. Enable lazy session loading?

    That should be where if you close Opera (with "continue where I left off" set in preferences) with a bunch of tabs open and start Opera back up, only the focused tab will reload automatically. The others might not reload till you focus them or at a certain time or till you manually reload them. Think there might be some other tweaks to more finely control the behavior.

    For the event delay, when a page completely loads, an load event fires. Scripts in the page can detect this to see when a page is ready so that they can do more work. Delaying the load event will delay those scripts from doing stuff too.

    Also, for a lot of the settings you asked about, see

  • Extended toolbar buttons handling

    as in the previous version was, but now

    1. Pressing the "Back" button while holding the CTRL - to the previous page in a new tab, while holding SHIFT - a new window.
    2. Pressing the "Refresh" while holding CTRL - opens the current page in a new tab, while holding SHIFT - a new window. Works like a duplication.
    3. Pressing the "Home" while holding CTRL - opens a new tab, while holding SHIFT - new window.
  • What does Enhanced Autofill add to the default one?

    Don't know. But, I'm assuming it's all kinds of little tweaks to make things better.

  • Thanks a lot guys!!