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  • I have begun using Opera (v.21) as a replacement for Chrome. It is much more stable, and less of a hog. But it has a very annoying characteristic: scrolling jumps rather than scrolls. The scroll marker jumps more than one page at a time. This skips a lot of the web page. It is impossible to view charts or pictures without using the cursor to grab the scroll marker and move it precisely. There seems to be no way to remedy this; scrolling backwards operates the same jumpy way. This does not happen with Firefox and Chrome, when they are all open at the same time. (This is on a Windows XP laptop with a scrolling touchpad.) So it seems to be a problem with Opera. I have checked Settings for a way to adjust this, but find nothing. Search for 'scroll' delivers nothing. I will have to look for yet another secondary browser if this can't be remedied. Please let me know if changing this is possible.

  • You can get smoother scrolling with an extension (there's more than one). See

    for a discussion.

  • How do I invoke "Download Chrome Extensions"? It's installed, but if I open the Chrome Web Store page I get a blank page. <--- is blank also (recommended on the "Opera add-ons" page)

  • ok

  • Well, as long as you have that Opera Extension, "Download Chrome Extension" you can easily download Chrome extensions, and most should work quite well. You don't have to click on this "Download Chrome Extension" to invoke it. Once there in Opera, it is functioning.

    So let me go through the process with you. When you click to take a Chrome extension in the Chrome store, it will not immediately show up in Opera. You have to click on your Opera menu, on the upper left of your address bar, and then click on extensions, and find there the Chrome Extension that you have just downloaded. It hasn't yet been installed. You have to go the extra step of clicking on that Chrome extension to install it, or you won't have it. The list of your extensions show up alphabetically when you click on extensions in the Opera menu/extensiions, so it's easier enough to locate that Chrome extension that needs for you to install it with a click. For an Opera extension, it's easier. You don't have to go those extra steps. If you click on one to download, it instantly installs. Still once you get the hang of what you have to do for Chrome extensions, it's no big deal. 🙂

  • At the beginning of the second paragraph of my post, I meant to say, "You have to click on the Opera menu on the far upper left of the browser, and then click on Extensions. Another way to get there is to simply hit on the keyboard, Control Shift E, which is a keyboard shortcut to open extensions. From there you find the Chrome extension you want to add to Opera and install it.

  • @ferrariiii

    I missed something you were saying. You should not be getting a blank page, when you click on:

    You don't need "Download Chrome Extension," to see what is in the Chrome Store. Even if I go to the store with another browser, I can see what's in it.

    You need that extension, though, to be able to download and install in Opera one of the Chrome extensions. In the posts above, I did explain how to go about installing a Chrome extension in Opera.

  • lem729.....Thanks for your replies. You obviously spent quite a bit of time on this.

    But this info doesn't compute ... Sorry. Something is missing.

    " From there you find the Chrome extension you want to add to Opera and install it."

    This shows INSTALLED extensions. It does not show prospective extensions.

    If I select "Get More Extensions", I see a bunch on the Opera site. But Not SmoothsScroll.

    If I search for SmoothScroll, it is not found.

    " You should not be getting a blank page, when you click on: [google link] "

    You tell'em ... they obviously aren't listening to me. Firefox does.

    "Even if I go to the store with another browser, I can see what's in it."

    Another browser is not Opera. I downloaded a .CRX file, but I see no way to install it.
    That's why I asked how to invoke "Download Chrome Extension."

    Even though DCE is installed, it won't install the scroll extension if it can't be located.

    Any more help will be appreciated, but it's not that important. If Opera doesn't care, then why should I?

  • SmoothScroll is a Chrome extension (not an Opera extension) that you get in the Chrome store at this location.

    Of course to be able to download and install that extension in Opera, you do need the Opera extension called, "Download Chrome Extension."

    If you click on "get extensions" in the Opera Menu of your browser, that takes you to Opera extensions at
    and not the Chrome store. SmoothScroll is not an Opera extension, so you will not find it there.

    Once you see SmoothScroll in the Chrome store (and I've given you the link for it at the beginning of this post) you click on the button that says "free." And you will see that the button changes, and now says: "checking," and it will stay that way "checking" until you install the extension in Opera. At this point on your keyboard, you press "control shift E" (it's quicker than finding your extensions list via the Opera menu) to show all of your extensions (including the one, SmoothScroll, yet to be installed). Scroll down that list carefully and you will find SmoothScroll (the list is alphabetical among your extensions so it should be easy to find it, under S). When you do get there, you will see a button there for SmoothScroll to click on that says "install."

    Click on it, and that should do it! Now let me know if that works for you!

    It's important that you are able to download and install an extension from the Chrome store in Opera. It will give you new possibilities regarding what you can do.

  • I finally got the SmoothScroll extension installed. I also tried the Classic Scroll extension which is on the Opera site. Alas, neither work well. I use a Fujitsu laptop, and a trackball. The trackball scroll wheel works fine, but the laptop's touchpad does not - jumps down the page.

    In the meantime I discovered the Comodo Dragon browser, which is based on the Chrome engine. It works almost as well as Firefox, so that's what I'll use.