Over the top ads in homepage newsfeed

  • Ads are necessary, I get it, but lately I see three topics, an almost full page ad, three more topics, then another almost full page ad.

    50% of the real estate taken up by ads is a bit excessive wouldn't you agree? Sync stopped working quite a while back, please don't give people another reason to jump ship.

  • Thanks for the post @nsx . Hearing from our users is hopefully what will change our current ad practices, so I really appreciate your time in posting this. I've forwarded it to our discussion groups.

  • I also started a thread on ads in the newsfeed. It is simply terrible, especially as Opera is advertised with its ad-blocker as feature.

    I really love all the Opera products and am a constant user since the early 90s - but this is really a no go. It finally made me disable the newsfeed in order to no longer be bothered by those humongeous ads.

    If you need money, you could offer a paid version, but please revert this "through the back door funding". I prefer to have control over what I allow and disallow, what I see and what not - and being offended by ads in the newsfeed and the reading mode is all except that.

    Sorry for being so straight, but I am really disappointed and recently had to recommend other browsers to my friends and colleagues, which I quite disliked.

    Opera has always been spearheading everything: speed, W3C conformity, usability, new concepts - but nowadays, when I look at the profile management, some productivity shortcuts and recently the ad flood, it really made me sad and kinda upset. You are better than this.

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