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  • I'm having problems with opera pages constantly crashing.

    Especially when watching / searching for youtube videos. Often google searches too.

    Have tried disabling / removing all extensions, clean download & install, switching to Beta version, yet the problem remains totally the same.

    It's at the stage now where Opera is becoming unusable to me. Whilst other browsers perform slower, have a less friendly interface etc, they don't constantly crash when.

    I'm running the latest version of OS High Sierra.

    Is there any way I can generate a crash report to reveal the cause.


  • Hi, try setting a 'crash mail address': this way we at Opera can search our crash database for your specific crashes, and should be able to tell you the cause (or fix it).

    On a Terminal, enter this command for normal Opera (stable) (I know that's not a valid email address but it's not important, this is just so we can find your crash in the system):
    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPCrashEmail

    And for Opera beta:
    defaults write com.operasoftware.OperaNext OPCrashEmail

    As soon as you get a crash after you've set these tell us here on the forum and we should be able to pinpoint it 🙂

  • @avl said in Constant Crashing:


    Hi avl,

    apologies for delay in getting back to you.

    i have set crash mail address as described for Beta, and had crashes since

    hopefully it will show on the database

    many thanks 🙂

  • @b1990 @avl bump

  • Hi @b1990 , I've found your crashers in the system, but wasn't able yet to determine what causes them. I can see that you're one of the few people experiencing these crashes, so it's not a widespread problem, which might point to something specific in your configuration or in the sites you visit.

    Do you have any extensions installed? Does disabling them help? If so, can you tell us which extensions?

  • hi @avl, thanks for your efforts.

    I'm using extensions:
    Dashlane - Password Manager
    Install Chrome Extensions

    but have tried disabling and uninstalling all extensions (so none are present whatsoever) and the problem is still present.

    i've tried reinstalling opera severals times but get the same problem.
    it is the same whether i use the beta version or the standard version too.

    I have noticed that youtube is where the vast majority of the crashes happen, and too a lesser extent on this makes me wonder whether it's related to video files? although

    it is like there a certain trigger words almost. a few weeks ago i searched a term on youtube and the page crashed. if i try that exact term now it still causes a crash. if i try a different search, chances are youtube works fine.

  • Having the same problem., Started after the latest update.

    Opera will crash and restart, constantly.

    Version information
    Version: 51.0.2830.40 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Mac OS X 10.13.3 64-bit


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