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Searching bookmarks is unusable because of immediate filtering

  • Greetings!

    I am on Win7, newest Opera, 12gb of ram, 2nd gen i5 (an X220 🙂 )

    Searching the bookmarks initiates automatic filtering, right after the first letter of the search.

    Because of the processing resources needed for the filtering (of the results, on the fly), the 2nd or 3rd letter of my search term is not being registered -- the whole opera-tion =p freezes, hangs for a sec or two, then the 4th, or so, letter shows up in the search bar...

    Does this happen on a newer pc?
    Is there a way to turn off the immediate filtering and only see the results of my search after I hit search/enter?


  • @useamuse Sorry, I couldn't get what your suggestion is.

  • I suppose, this is not a feature request. More like, please-fix-this request. Feel free to move it wherever it needs to go.

    So you did not get my suggestion, but did you get what I am saying? Do you have any specific question as to where did I lose you?

    Let me rephrase: Please TEST the search in your bookmarks.
    Start typing and you should see that right after the 1st letter is entered in the search bar, everything freezes for a very short time, because Opera is filtering search results on the fly. Because of this, a few keystrokes (letters of my search term) are not being registered...
    (Given you have a few hundred itmes in your bookmarks).

    Is there anyone else who RELIES on searching the bookmarks?

  • Since it's not a feature request nor a suggestion, I'm closing this topic since it's in the wrong place.
    You can open a new one in the right section if you want.