Auto select client certificate on certain domains (AutoSelectCertificateForUrls on Chrome)?

  • Hi,
    For accessing certain domains, I have to use a client certificate to authenticate myself. Whenever I visit these domains, I am forced to choose the certificate manually before being allowed to continue. This is the sort of popup I get (clipped not to show personal info): 0_1517238310991_Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 15.04.42.png

    On Chrome, you can set a default called 'AutoSelectCertificateForUrls' to automatically select the certificate for specific domains (see Is there a similar option in Opera?

    I have tried the following command (MacOS), but no success (tho the same command works fine for Chrome, using

    • defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera.plist AutoSelectCertificateForUrls -array-add -string '{"pattern":"https://<domain>","filter":{"ISSUER":{"CN":"EXAMPLE_CN"}}}'

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • could any of you provide input into this? Is this simply not possible at the moment?

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