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  • Sometime on the 18th or 19th of January 2018, my browser was crashing at times even before that, but on this day, the browser crashed again and all my favicons on all my bookmarks disappeared.

    I didn't think of saving them at the time.

    I'm wondering if you can make something like Firefox's Favicon Reloader?

    Where you can reload all of your previous favicons without having to go into every single link and reloading the favicons.

    For example: You're in the bookmarks page, highlight which bookmarks you want to have the favicons reloaded and right-click your mouse for a favicon reload option or what if you press a single button in the bookmarks page where it will reload every single favicon in all of your bookmarks.

    Or if on Youtube, the favicon is reloaded as the thumbnail from the video or if you reload a favicon off a website with images, it uses the main image or close enough main image as the favicon for the bookmark.

    Please can you make this come true?
    I lost over two years worth of favicons.

    Thank you.

  • Maybe a system where you can use a calendar built in and select a certain date to restore the favicons back to that time.

    If not, at least release a patch that can restore favicons that were lost, including favicons that may have been accidentally restored with the wrong favicon wanted.

    Can this also please include the right favicons from bookmarks on Youtube videos that may have been deleted?

    I have some bookmarks that lead to Youtube videos that have been deleted but just looking at the favicon itself is nostalgic.

  • @darklancer212 said in Opera 50 - Bookmark Favicons Reloader:

    Maybe a system where you can use a calendar built in and select a certain date to restore the favicons back to that time.

    Please create different topics for different suggestions.

  • Sorry for my wording.

    I meant this kind of system.

    For example, on the 19th of January 2018, my browser crashed and reset all of my favicons from custom to default favicons and now I can't tell one bookmark from the others as easily.
    I had over two years worth of favicons and I never had a single problem with Opera until that day.
    This did happen by the way.

    Now, what if there was a favicon restore system to be made where I can restore every single favicon in my bookmarks all at once back to the way they were before the crash?
    The previous day?
    The 18th of January 2018?

    Including my bookmarks that I have accidentally restored the wrong favicon with after the crash.

    Do you understand what I mean?

    I don't want to spend days on end, going into every single bookmark and restoring every favicon.
    Not all of the favicons will be original.
    Some of them are older.

    Can something like this be made possible

    If not a built-in system, then can it at least be made as a patch for the next Opera update?
    I'm using Windows 7 by the way.

  • @darklancer212 You already made that suggestion/request in your post of 5 days ago, there is no need to keep repeating it.

  • Also similarity function is a browser Maxthon.

  • @leocg Sorry, I'm just annoyed about my browser crashing on the 19th of Jan this year and losing all of my favicons.

    I just want my all favicons in all my bookmarks to be restored back to the 18th exactly as they were before my browser crashed again.

    Again, I'm sorry.
    I'm just wound up about this issue.

    I'm seriously desperate for a solution where they can all be restored to their exact previous state and look before they were affected.

    I just want this done without having to take the long and hard road.

  • I just want to know, is something like this possible?

    I want to know if someone is working on something like this.

  • @darklancer212 said in Opera 50 - Bookmark Favicons Reloader:

    I just want to know, is something like this possible?

    Don't know, maybe.

  • Have the developers of Opera seen my request?

  • @darklancer212 Probably but there are few chances that they will answer.

  • @leocg Is there any way to send these requests straight to the producers of Opera?

  • @darklancer212 Nope, the forums and the blog are the places to do requests.

  • @leocg Opera has just released a new update for Opera on Windows 7.

    It is version 51.

    I was hoping there would be a fix for my favicons.

  • @darklancer212 If they are going to implement your requested feature, it will be in a far future most probably.

  • I've just bookmarked some sites with new Opera 51 but the custom favicons aren't loading.

  • @darklancer212 What do you mean? So you set thumbnail and it reverts back to another one?

  • @leocg No.

    I newly bookmarked some sites but the thumbnails in the bookmarks won't load from default to an easier thumbnail that makes bookmark browsing easier.

    I just want all my bookmarks to have their custom bookmark thumbnails.

  • @darklancer212 When you bookmark a page, you choose an image to be the thumbnail. What picture Opera chooses as the default one may depend on several factors, including some related to the page itself.

  • I'm updating my post.

    Can there be a fix to restore my bookmarks and bookmark thumbnails back to the state of the 18th of January 2018?
    Exactly as they were?
    I don't want the bookmarks to look any different.

    Bear in mind, I have deleted some bookmarks since the issue started but I have also added some new bookmarks.
    Some other bookmarks have different thumbnails than before.