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Quick access for search engines and bookmarks

  • Hi,

    before the engine switch Opera had two killer features, which leveraged productivity a lot - and I think it is time to reintroduce them.

    The first was the ability to create individual search engine shortcuts, which you could assign a text shortcut to. Example: if you found a page on domain.tld with a search field for article numbers, which you often need to use, you could create an individual "search engine", name it "da" (as in "domain article"), for example, and just enter "da 1234" in order to get the result page.

    The second productivity killer feature was to name bookmarks and to either open them in the address field or by pressing Shift+F2 and entering the name in the field. The function even triggered the "Go" when the first unique combination of letters had been reached. This is really amazing, when you are manging a large amount of bookmarks and wanted to easily jump to your most important sites instantly.


  • @vince42 First one is already there since a while.

  • @leocg oops! must have missed the improvement. Last time I checked for this feature only a set of given search engines was available and their text shortcuts were not changeable. Thanks for pointing out!

    Okay, just noticed that the preset search engine's text shortcuts are still not changeable - but well, maybe this will be possible any time in the future as well.

  • @vince42 You still can't change nor use the shortcuts assigned to the pre-installed search engines but you can add search engines and assign shortcuts to them.

  • @leocg yes, got that. Sorry, if I did not make myself clear in my last post.