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How disable load preinstaled speeddial links when change PC

  • For some reasons i use portable version OperaBeta (51.0.2830.2) from USB-Flash drive. When i use new PC - Opera loading preinstalled links to my SpeedDial and mixes it with my links. And at the last version OperaBeta, when i change hardware (PC) Opera disable all extention. How disable it?
    launch Opera with cmd:
    launcher.exe --disk-cache-dir=%temp% --user-data-dir=%MyProfileDir%

  • When you connect the Pen to a new Pc?
    When the Opera version is updated?

    I'm referring that you may need to delete the file/content after every update on the related version folder.


    The folder is located on the current - but every - Opera version named as Resources, and the file/s:


    Didn't tested but you may need/want to delete/rename both files and even the icons too - look at the folder content -.

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  • | - Since the edit time it's over... -

    For any asking to themselves about, where is the install folder and what default_partner_content file is.

    Look at here for something maybe related.

  • @zalex108 said in How disable load preinstaled speeddial links when change PC:

    When you connect the Pen to a new Pc?

    Yes, on new PC.
    I delete partner json files from Resources before first run on new PC, but after 10 minuts partner link show again in tthe SpeeDial.
    I think Opera loads parthner links from server in depending on the country.

  • But the file is downloaded again?

    Maybe once connected could reproduce it but maybe renaming the folder will not - neither recover the full folder -.

    It contains the Theme also, so in case you test it, keep that in mind.

  • File is not download again.
    I had tried rename folder, but Opera is crashing.
    I found default_partner_content.json in profile folder, delete him, but no result.
    i try delete country section in partner_speeddials.json, but, i think, file has CRC at the beginning of the file, and Opera is crash 馃槥