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Help, please: Opera 50 uses too much net, Ram and CPU

  • I would like to ask for help here, as I could not find anywhere else.
    I used Opera 44 with no problems keeping multiple tabs opened.
    When it started to not open correctly some pages, I decided to update it to the latest 50 version. But now I find the following problems:

    a) Background tabs keep consuming internet. Opera now loads the background pages and have no more the option to avoid it. I have scarce internet access and cannot afford to let my browser download internet content without need.

    b) Opera uses too much ram. My PC has 4GB of ram and now Opera uses up to 90%, crashing my system. Previous version (44) used merely 53~56% at maximum.

    c) Opera uses too much CPU (and time) at loading. In previous version, Opera loaded very fast and the CPU usage was not noticeable. But now it takes many seconds at 100% of my CPU.

    I research this forum and the rollback options seem to not work properly. Install Opera over the folder does not work. People lose their speed dials and bookmarks. I tried to remove the 50 folder from my installation, but the program does not load. alt text

  • @pedrofigueira interesting.

    for me, it doesn't have the high usage anymore since i updated to latest version 50.0.2762.58


  • @acidinmyfridge Last night it does not only used up all CPU and RAM, but also overheat my laptop. It went blue screen and reboot by itself. I double checked with benchmarks to be sure there was not a problem with the hardware. There is no problem with the hardware, the HDD has no bad blocks, everything is alright.

    I changed back to Firefox after all these years. It swallows some RAM as usual (30%), but has no impact on CPU. (1~2%)..
    Now my passwords are stuck in Opera's ''Login Data'' file and it does not export it as a csv file in any way. I would not like to use another software because sensitive info stored there...

  • @pedrofigueira interesting. i had never anything like that happen to me with ANY browser i used over the years.
    Does that happen also without using Opera?

  • @acidinmyfridge It used to happen to me years ago when I was using Firefox. That older version consumed too much Ram and CPU, overheating the processor. Looking for alternatives, I tried Google Chrome, the worst web browser I had encountered. Then discovered Opera and felt in love. Slim, fast and reliable. No installation, directly from folder. I could carry it anywhere.

    Years passed and Opera became as heavy as Chrome, as slow as IExplorer and as famine as Firefox.
    Perhaps I should give Vivaldi a chance...

  • @pedrofigueira definitely give Vivaldi a try. it's worth it.