i'm disappointed with the implementation of the new 'save as PDF' feature, heres why.

  • upon updating i'm greeted with some new features like 'Saving pages as PDFs' but the said option is not available though the O-Menu like it states
    "To save a page as a PDF file, go to the O-Menu (or File on macOS) and select “Save Page as PDF.”"
    alt text

    i had to make a short cut, not so bad but after fiddling i discovered that right clicking now has the option alt text

    but why do i need two menu items for almost the same 'save this page' function, just having a 'save as...' & letting the user choose all the formats would be better as it's less duplication, not saying to remove the save as PDF feature as it's smaller than a .mhtml archive & has useful applications

    (save as PDF...) New year, new browser. Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool - Opera Desktop.pdf 6.2 MB
    0_1515630227689_PDF.png (very good)

    (Save as...) New year, new browser. Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool - Opera Desktop.mhtml 9.4 MB ! (perfect)

    (Print to file) New year, new browser.pdf 5.6 MB (poor graphics translation!)

    as for as usability gos the 'Print to file' does poorly compared to just a 'save as PDF...'

    making chrome://flags/?search=html#save-page-as-mhtml enabled by default would be nice too, as this is how a currently accomplish saving web pages.

    seems i love to hate opera these days, heck i liked presto better back in the day, hope i enlightened you & have a good day!

    P.S. the like to the change log is down, after only six days & searching one finds nothing for 50

  • And what exactly would be your suggestion or request ?

  • Sorry if it was not clear enough the first time,

    exactly my suggestions or requests
    #1 combined 'Save as...' with 'save as PDF...'
    #2 make opera://flags/?search=html#save-page-as-mhtml enabled by default

    sense i can't edit my first post here is a better done P.S.: the link to the change log (found here) is down after only six days, searching finds nothing for opera 50

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