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  • I would like Opera to communicate which suggestions you intend to implement and why. Also I would like to know which suggestions you do not wish to implement and why not. Such communication by Opera is in my opinion very important to strengthen the discussion.

  • That's a good point.

    Even more, there are many people - devs - who are helping Opera and it's users to deal with some lack of features, would be nice some coworking to add some implementations, extensions or something else.

    You can see Apple, implementing Jailbreak tweaks to optimize iOS system and features.

    Off course, those devs deserves a meeting at least.

  • @cbuth This has already been asked and discussed a few times and my conclusion is always that it hardly would work.

    A feature that is being developed today may be dropped tomorrow at the same one almost forgotten starts to be developed with high priority, all because things changes, the web changes, the world changes all the time and browsers need to adapt to those changes.

    Also, unless if you are already working on the feature/change you can't say that you intend to implement it because, among other reasons, of what I said before.

    Disclosing which suggestions you may want to implement or not could bring endless, and usually useless, discussions between those in favor and against the suggestion instead of a good debate on if the suggestion would be good or not.

  • @leocg i suggested opera improves History page like chrome browser from more one year and older versions. but i did not see anything.

  • @viewer2012 And what would you like to have seen? They can't simply reply to every suggestion.

  • @leocg I understand your point and I agree that there is no perfect solution. The fact that this has been proposed a few times already indicates a significant interest of the Opera customers to be involved and to know about the development process. I think this is a very good thing that should be nurtured. Of course I also understand (and agree with it) that you may not wish to disclose everything you are doing. However, I feel that some communication about decisions made would be highly desirable also to optimally shape the final form of the feature. A good example is ORCID:

  • @cbuth I've been using Opera and following its development for about twenty years, since version 3.5x, and I guess I can say that they are communicating with the users now more than ever. However they simply can't comment on every suggestion.

    Also, many users just don't know how to properly do a suggestion, they just ask 'add this, change that' without even trying to show why or how people would benefit from it.

    Regarding communications on decisions, the point is: Would users be able to deal with those decisions? My experience says they most probably wouldn't.

  • @leocg I agree with most you are saying. However, I believe that such a back-communication is very important. You may wish to have a look at the ORCID solution which is in my opinion reasonable.

  • @leocg i want to support CRTL and SHIFT buttons for select history pages to delete them like chrome, only. i must delete them one by one or Delete all history pages in opera.

  • @viewer2012 You can show your support for it opening a topic or replying on a existing one about that subject.

  • Developer version - follow flags....

    But yes they should discuss more... I mean the desktop blog is with so little info these days... that it's dull to read....

  • @rudrick I don't think anything has changed in terms of info.