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[Opera 20] Speed up browser handling

  • I'm using Opera 20 for a while now. Tab handling is kinda slow compared to the old Opera with Presto engine. I found lots of workarounds for other problems, and I hope there will be one for adding speed as well :).

    Use cases where Opera is slow to me:

    • Open three pages from your speed dial. While loading, try to close tab. Opera wll lag a few seconds, you tend to keep clicking on close tab and you close too many tabs.

    • Opening and closing new tabs seems to be delayed by half a second. I liked this "instant response" feeling with Presto.

    • Navigate backwards within a tab to a previous website: it takes a second or more for heavy pages. Presto did this in 0 seconds.

    Does anyone know a way to speed up Opera 20?

  • Generally people find Opera 20 faster than Presto, but it's what you experience that is important. Some people have said that for them the new Speed Dial feels a bit slow. I think that sometimes it can be a little slow loading (on bootup) particularly if the websites for the dial are not yet in cache, or if there are a lot that have to load, even from cache. I mean since you can create folders within folders in the speed dial, you can have more than a thousand sites there. I do have significantly more favorites on my speed dial than I had in Opera 20 (and really love that Speed dial), but I still try to keep much more limited than that. I was wondering how much you put in the Speed Dial. In general, though I haven't found navigating backwards on a tab to a previous website to be slow, but it always depends on how complex a page is. It also might be a question of the type of websites. Do you have something going on in Opera 20 like adblockers, site evaluators for safety, privacy protectors a la the Disconnect extension, or other extensions, that you don't having going in Opera 12? You might look for extensions on faster browsing in the Opera and/or Chrome extension stores.. There is one I had (so I know they exist), but didn't keep because I find Opera 20 fast enough for me. I can't pass along the name because I forget it and am not on my desktop computer right now.

  • I have around 6 sites in my Speed dial. Three websites I open at the same time from the speed dial, of which fastmail and gmail are the slowest.

    Your tip about disabling extensions was an intriguing one. Disabled them all, and did notice a major improvement. The culprit is the extension called "Opera Bookmark Manager". This extension adds a small icon on a tab to bookmark a page. A page will lag until the icon appears. No extension -> no icon -> no lag, but no bookmark option either.

    Will lookup an alternative for the extension. Thanks for your elaborated answer!

  • I use Chrookmarks for Chrome as a bookmark manager extension, and think it is quite good. It's in the Chrome store. All you need to use a Chrome extension in the Chrome store is the Opera extension, called, "Download Chrome Extension.". With Chrookmarks you can organize your bookmarks alphabetically or chronologically in ascending or descending order. You might want to try it. You can easily delete it, if it doesn't work for you. I don't think it is adversely affecting my speed.

  • Thanks, although I meant a button to create a bookmark. For the sake of clarity for people who encounter the same issues:

    -Extension causing lag:

    -Extension without lag:

    Opera 20 is still a bit more lagging the Opera 12 when navigating backwards, but it's a lot better without this lagging extension.

  • Thanks, although I meant a button to create a bookmark. For the sake of clarity for people who encounter the same issues:

    Thanks for the notice. I'll look into it as soon as possible 🙂 A new rewritten verison is on its way!

  • @drsnugglesja

    I just wanted to mention, that you can create a bookmark by clicking on the green star all the way on the right side in the address bar. And you can create a bookmark also through the Opera extension, Open in (Background tab)
    which gives the ability to create a bookmark when you right click on a web page (in your context menu). And there are some other dragging actions (from the Speed Dial to the Bookmarks bar, etc.) So you don't need Opera Bookmark Manager to help you create the bookmark, although another way doesn't hurt

    I understand what you are saying though about the extension slowing things up for you. And it sounds like it might be fixed. Nothing like input in the forum to get things going for the better.

  • @lem729 Aah, thanks, overlooked the star to bookmark a site.

    @trimn, let me know when you fixed it!

  • @trimn, let me know when you fixed it!

    Have you tried the updated version? 🙂