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  • @chuchkyschild Right you are in they broke something that was working. From what I gather, it probably done as a cost saving and/or control measure to bring the VPN services inhouse rather than outsource it. It just seems to me they either were OK with degrading the service or they didn't realize how complex and costly it was going to be to create and support a well performing VPN.

  • @cbrown72701 You seem to assume there's a single "they" involved in this. In any typical business, there are multiple "theys" within the organization, each with its own point of view and resources, with one senior-level "they" who actually balances the option tradeoffs and makes the final decision that puts things all in motion. The other "theys" then have to do the best they can, within the time/resource limitations at hand, to eventually try to make it all work. It doesn't always unfold with elegance.

  • @cbrown72701 that is not an issue, can get a chrome extension to work in Opera. with this addon.

    looking at chrome extensions which prevent IP leaking, can't find IP leak stopper, looking at this chrome extension instead.

    still not convinced of this HOXX VPN/proxy.. will research it a bit more.

  • @cbrown72701

    Search for Install Chrome Extension at Opera Addons, then you'll be able to use mostly all Chrome extensions on Opera.

    Already said. 👀

  • @blackbird71 not wanting to start a flame war or anything or pick at too many nits, especially since the bulk of what you said is correct, but "they" is a plural pronoun and was used intentionally.

  • @cbrown72701 said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    @blackbird71 not wanting to start a flame war or anything or pick at too many nits, especially since the bulk of what you said is correct, but "they" is a plural pronoun and was used intentionally.

    Understood. But "they" is often used as a collective singular to describe a company or department or organizational block which consists of multiple individuals. It's in that context that I interpreted what you wrote and in which I responded. The "they" of Opera probably didn't in totality make the decision to sell the SurfEasy operation... it was the "they" of their board of directors (or equivalent); hence the "they" of the development group may have had only limited say in the matter, but were left with the responsibility of trying to make the necessary design adjustments to the browser's VPN capability.

  • Connection via VPN is very slow in the new browser (50). Will you improve speed?

  • After several updates, the VPN stopped working. I wanted to know why?

  • @leocg
    Hi !

    It sucks !
    Sorry but the VPN option have a problem. Now, with a option "bests results" (meilleurs emplacements) or Americas, (for it's for Canada), nothing works at all.
    And on the player's screen, when I want to see a vid, I can read "Conformément aux droits de diffusion, le contenu sélectionné n'est pas disponible dans votre pays." (I'm sorry I' from Belgium and I talk French)
    Like other people I'm very disapoint.
    I have the lastest version of Opera (50.0.2762.45 (PGO))
    Someone can help us ?

    Many thanks and sorry for my english

  • Using Opera 49.0.2725.64. Last couple days, at least, been getting decent speeds using Opera VPN. Videos still play balky though but better than last week. Hopefully they are improving things. Been using Missouri USA and Columbia locations which have been giving better results than the others.

  • @acidinmyfridge
    You could also change DNS to those of OpenNic. And if you will, you can setup DNScrypt.
    In your router, remember to block all ISP DNS, email them (or search) for full list.

  • @rudrick will check out OpenNic nods
    was asking about that HOXX proxy simply out of curiousity ^_^ always interesting to see what other people use.

    currently, i am using this free vpn extension together with extensions like this and this. so far so good, works quite well.
    And i was looking at ScriptSafe. Haven't gotten around to try it out yet though.

  • @acidinmyfridge

    ^That seems to be the fastest of the VPN's. Heck I could just switch to Vivaldi - and have my browsing with split screens, web panels, etc etc etc etc etc(!)

    I find uMatrix good - the developer of that ext (also uBlock Origin) is very trusted person among circles.

    *** ublock origin also has a "hard mode" which it then basically is umatrix.

  • @rudrick i'm using Vivaldi too. and i'm very fond of it. so customizable!
    tab stacking! 😃 so neat! Wondering if they're gonna implement VPN as well.
    also using uBlock Origin for a few weeks now. i quite like it. Haven't tried uMatrix yet, but it's on my list 🙂

  • @acidinmyfridge said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    ... i'm using Vivaldi too. ... Wondering if they're gonna implement VPN as well. ...

    If they do, it will be a good while from now. They have their hands full just developing the features they've been promising, plus they don't have the server farm/portals to support a VPN (or the cash flow to rent it).

  • Vivaldi is not looking to VPN.
    I talk with the devs sometimes, they are quite nice. I wish they would open source that Tab Stacking of viv 🙂

  • @rudrick @blackbird71 oh well, even if they won't implement a VPN.. I think the VPN extension i am using is fairly decent and a good solution.
    Yes, that'd be great if they'd open source the tab stacking 🙂

  • It's some months since I asked... They didn't comment 😃

    Yes that VPN Ext you pointed out is fast compared to many others.

  • @acidinmyfridge I pay nothing for HOXX and IP leak stopper. It all works fine in the SEEMLESS addon world of Firefox.

    No one should even bother using Opera until the VPN is fixed because Firefox is just as "community" and "open". Opera has no obligation to be used. People should stop being hung up on Opera. All browsers are tools for us to use, and if the tool doesn't work, put it down and use something else.
    I use whatever web browser works best for what I'm doing; so that's about 90% Firefox with or without VPN on (because I'm not paranoid), and about 10% MS IE. Oh my, am I a devil for using MS IE? No, what's the big deal? I just prefer Firefox most of the time. Opera was a toy I tried for a while and it's just not good enough at the moment. I don't generally need to switch ON a VPN because I'm not a criminal and I'm not important enough to be snooped on.

  • For reference today:
    37Mbps Sky fibre paid for into house produces, using

    37.67Mbps on Firefox VPN OFF
    37.64Mbps on Firefox HOXX VPN ON to UK server

    37.7Mbps on Opera VPN OFF
    1.67Mbps on Opera VPN ON to optimum <<<<<<<<<<<<< pathetic

    That's 1 decimal 67, 1.67. Hopeless.