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Above 100% CPU usage for Opera helper process, fans working like crazy

  • Hello,

    At my side when I use Opera (newest version 49.0.2725.39) Opera helper has above 100% cpu usage (proof here ) . Fans are working like crazy and are very loud. I use newest 2017 MacBook Pro 15 i7, 16 gb ram

    Why is that and what should I do? I switched temporarily on Firefox because for now Opera is not usable for me.


  • A user explained that changing the Opera theme fixed the problem.

    At the other hand,
    You can try to create a new profile:

    * Use OSync.
    * Install "V7 Extensions Manager" - and export the extensions list, if any -.
    * Go to Opera://Flags > "Enable import/export passwords" - if any and prefers do not sync them - and export them from Opera Settings > Passwords.
    * Go to OHelp > Find solutions - check out the profile folder path -.


    * Enable "Show hidden files" - choose your prefered option 1-  | 2- | 3- | 4- -
    * Go to the profile path.
    * Create a profile folder back up.
    * Rename the profile folder.


    * Launch Opera - It will start as a fresh install -.
    * Test for a while.


    If fixed:

    * Configure the new profile - Sync, settings, import passwords, Addons… -.

    * Once ready, create a back up of the new and working profile.


    * You can test any workaround to try to fix the older/broken profile - if you want - or delete it.


    X- Eventually,
    you can copy some older profile files to the new profile, but keep in mind that some files may repeat the same problem - or create others -, so before playing testing, create and safe the back up of the fixed profile -.


    By the way,
    keep in mind to create periodical profile back ups.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update  
    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up Linux · Mac · Win

  • Hello,

    Sorry - your tips was not clear for me.

    I did something different. I completely uninstalled Opera (using clean my mac app) and reinstalled it again. Fresh opera install, no extensions, no themes. Results are similar.

    Is it normal when I open 7-8 tabs one after each other cpu usage (opera helper process to be exact) goes above 100%?


  • To know about the "Opera helper" I've made a research on Google and reported some entries, some from this forum and one of them told about the changing theme.

    Nothing else clear in other entries, then, the clean profile.

    You made +/- the same but if you did not made any profile back up, then, once fixed, you have to repeat all the config steps "manually".

    At the other hand,
    I don't think that opening some tabs, any Opera process should take 100% CPU.

    Did you made any recent system change?

  • I have another macbook pro (fresh mac os install). I will try there.

  • Hello @meeffe , this is probably happening with a specific site you have open. You can see which site is causing you trouble by selecting 'View -> Show Developer Menu' in the menu and then 'Developer -> Task Manager'. After waiting a few seconds it should tell you which tab is causing the CPU use.

    In particular, it can be due to cryptocurrency mining on a site, which is unfortunately a growing problem. If you think it's due to this, Opera's ad-blocking can help with that in some cases. Enable it in Preferences -> "Block Ads".

  • @avl I suspect that built in adblocker causes such load. When I switched to uBlock fans are working a lot better or none at all (quieter) and Temperatue gauge app shows lower temperature rates too. But I am not 100% sure that it was the problem - only 90%. I will keep watching.

  • Hi @meeffe I had a similar issue and eventually traced it back to my monitor drivers. I found that when I had my external monitor (Wacom Cintiq) plugged in, the CPU usage would go crazy. It seems that Mac users with other monitors were having similar issues as well. Opera, other browsers, and kernel task were the processes most often effected for me. I found that this bug was automatically running the diagnostic command line tool Spindump (installed as part of macOS) over and over and hogging the CPU. See if the spindump process is listed in your task manager. If it is listed, that means it is being run. You can disable it by renaming it with the terminal in recovery mode. System Integrity Protection won't let you rename it through terminal when booted in macOS, unless you have SIP disabled.

    This might be a completely different issue, but might be worth investigating.

  • @sprokolopolis Yes I have it running

    Is it really safe to disable it? See this thing:

  • @meeffe
    I haven't had any issues like that and I have used the trick since the Sierra beta versions of macOS. I would still recommend making a Time Machine backup, just in case something goes wrong. This is sort of a drastic last-ditch hack, but in my case I have no other alternatives. I was seeing the kernel_task process and Opera reporting %1000+ CPU usage. I would only advise this if you need to, and if you are comfortable with the command line interface/BASH.

    The tool is a diagnostic tool, so it doesn't seem to really serve much of a purpose outside of stress-testing your system and sending results to Apple. I was going absolutely insane from the system lag and found a blog mentioning this fix. Maybe the people with problems were deleting spindump completely or messing with file permissions. The fix creates a symbolic link with the "ln" command, so maybe that makes the system think the file hasn't been renamed. I am not really totally sure what the purpose of the "/usr/bin/true" file is (referencing the link below).

    The blog page is here:

    Since macOS has SIP now, you need to temporarily disable SIP to make the change or just make the change in recovery. Since you have to boot into recovery to disable SIP, you might as well jut do it in recovery. If you are doing it in recovery, you don't need to use the sudo command and you will have to navigate out of the recovery partition and into the system partition. So I did this:

    navigate to system partition:
    cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/usr/sbin

    Check if you are in the right directory and see if spindump is listed:

    Rename spindump to spindump.disabled. You can still run the program manually by executing spindump.disabled:
    mv spindump spindump.disabled

    Create symbolic link:
    ln -s /usr/bin/true /usr/sbin/spindump

    That should do it. Then you can boot back into macOS. Keep in mind that after updates, you might have to repeat the process, as they will often create a new spindump file. Then you can do:

    Delete old spindump:
    rm spindump.disabled

    Rename new spindump:
    mv spindump spindump.disabled

    I hope you are able to get your issue fixed one way or another.

  • I have Opera 49.0.2725.39 as well and I've noticed that sometimes Opera starts going crazy with my CPU. Even when there are no tabs open! Looking at the Opera Task Manager, the problem seems to be with the Browser process itself. Check it out:

    Opera Task Manager

    The only thing I've been able to figure is that it happens after I use Google Meet (Google Hangouts).

  • Had to go back to chrome. I cant use Opera for more than a few seconds before it crashes and I have to restart my whole laptop. All started right after the new update. Im on High Sierra. Really annoyed.

  • @shellac85

    On the second post you have the steps on "How to reset the profile".

  • @zalex108

    Thanks but does this action not delete all Favourites and things like that? Just seems ridiculous to have to do this after an automatic update.

  • @shellac85

    Just in case you delete the folder, but you have to rename it, all your stuff will still be there.

    Just read the steps, then follow them.

    The most ridiculous is that from Opera's help:

    • "Opera recommends backing up your files before upgrading, as well."

    but you don't have time to do it. xDDDDDD

  • This problem still exists on Opera 57 - after Google Hangouts when I hear fan of my MacBook Pro - even after closed tab I hear this fun until browser restart.