Did I lose my Opera 12 bookmarks forever?

  • I upgraded from Opera 12 to 20, not knowing that the bookmarks feature had changed so dramatically. Are my Opera 12 bookmarks still somewhere on my computer, or have they been totally trashed by the upgrade? These were bookmarks specific to Opera, so it's not like I can import them from another browser.

  • Nevermind, I just noticed that 12 wasn't overwritten by 20, so I basically have both versions. But thanks for reading! lol

  • Try importing your bookmarls from 12 into 20. There's an import feature in the Tools menu. And there's an Opera Bookmark Manager extension if you need more help. And make sure in Menu, Browser to activate the personal bookmarks toolbar in Opera 20.

  • Thanks, lem729. Once I realized I still have Opera 12, it wasn't a problem getting the bookmarks imported into 20. 🙂

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