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Extensions Functionality - Internet Required?

  • I had never used Extensions ever until now that I am using Opera 20. So, I am not familiar with their functionality.

    At this point I am only using ONE extension ... some NOTES / Notepad extension.
    I thought that since this extension is "installed," it should be independent of the Internet. However, I'm getting the impression that the Internet is required for this Notepad extension to work.

    For example, one time I just couldn't bring up that Notepad extension no matter how many times I clicked on the Icon. Then I finally heard my modem start to redial. Once I was connected to the Internet again, I notice that the Notepad extension now worked.

    On other occasions I believe I notice that I again can't get the Notepad extension to come up ... and about the only thing that explains it is that I am in the middle of loading a site.

    Ssss SO ... DO extensions need the Internet to actually work?
    If this is the case, then that bites. That's not going to work.
    I'll have to find me some other Notes App of some sort that doesn't gag and / or rebel when I'm loading a site.

    I need Notes capability like what we had in Opera 12.xx and below ... where I can use it while waiting for a site to load.

  • I am using "Notepad" extension. It dose not require internet connection to work and is a simple extension to write notes...

    The notes extension that uses the internet connection are those that require to make an account and sign in..

  • That is the one I am using.
    However, for me, it is inconsistent. It doesn't always display when I click on the icon.
    It's like --- What are you waiting for? Christmas?
    Sheesh! Display already! TODAY would be nice.

    Unless it has a beef with slower, less powerful computers or something.
    I have a Dell Optiplex GX280 with a Pentium 4 and only 2 Gig of RAM.
    I have Windows XP SP3 Professional.
    Maybe it doesn't like something in there somewhere.

  • Maybe I'll try Notepad. I have 8 gigs of ram. I've used Browse ++ but it's not there yet. It's a beta, and if you uninstall and reinstall the app, you lose your notes. As far as I can tell, it doesn't require internet, but I never lack the connection with my desktop, so am not sure. It has some other features like a waste basket for closed tabs, but i prefer Sexy Undo Closed tab (in the Chrome store) for that (which I think is terrific). I mean, how can one criticize "sexy" 😉

    I don't really want these notes apps that require internet registration, and do all of this sync. I just want notes saved to my desktop computer, and relatively safe, so if I uninstall and reinstall, the notes are still there. For me the Opera Notes function in Opera 12.16 hasn't been adequately replaced yet. Surely, the good notes app 😉 will come.

    Since Browse ++ is a beta, and the developer mentions that issue at the website for the extension, maybe its problem on saving the notes through an uninstall and reinstall will be addressed.

    A few days ago I put something in the add-on wish list for an extension like what was in Opera 12.16. I particulalry liked when you saves a page to a note, it automatically saved the link. And when uou opened the notes and clicked back on the one you took, with the link, the website opened. No need for a lot of copying and pasting addresses.

  • I just finished checking the functionality of that Notepad extension with my AOL disconnected from the Net. The Notepad did come up. It worked fine. So obviously it doesn't need to be connected to the Net to work.

    Maybe when the Notepad doesn't come up it's because of what I alluded to ... something to do with my computer not being exactly state-of-the-art. Maybe it's not necessarily that it's not coming up per se, but rather that there is a lag and it'd eventually come up IF I had the patience to wait for it.

    Who knows? I'll go take another look in the extensions repository and see if there is another Notes extension that'll be more consistent and dependable to come up. Or maybe I can find some independent Notes App that isn't an extension. Or even resort to just having an MS Notepad window minimized to bring up whenever I need it.

  • Let us know if you find something better. I downloaded that Notepad and will try it out for a while.

  • I just finished installing CintaNotes Portable on the platform on my Flash Drive.
    I'll give that a shot and see how it goes. It seems simple enough and yet I can make separate notes with each having their own title, unlike the Notepad extension where it's just ONE note blob.

    I'll just have it minimized and bring it up as needed. It's certainly more likely to come up immediately every time I needed ... not sometimes take the scenic route like the Notepad extension.