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Closing a tab switches to back to the wrong one

  • Let's say I have two open tabs A and B. The left tab is the active one. When I open a link from that page in a new tab (A1), this new tab is created between the two others, meaning A - A1 - B. Now I decide to close the current active tab A1. I would expect tab A to be the active one (since I came from there) but actually tab B is now the active one.

    This behavior is really annoying for certain workflows and I see no reason why it should behave like this.

  • @t3rm1 In my case closing A1 returns me to A. Always did so. Maybe you have some tab extension interfering with it?

  • @xirit32 The only extensions I have are AdGuard and Ghostery.

  • Here is a demo:

    alt text

    Any suggestions?

  • Any ideas?

  • @t3rm1 Tried a clean profile already?

  • @leocg Yes, I tested it with a clean profile and it is 100% reproducible.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Open tab A (eg.
    2. Open a link from tab A in a new tab (called B )
    3. Go back to tab A and open another link in a new tab (this tab is now between A and B, called A1)
    4. Close tab A1. This will open tab B instead of tab A.

    Can you confirm this?

  • @t3rm1 Download whatever version of Opera you like and do a portable installation to some other disk drive place, try it there.

  • @xirit32 You didn't even try to follow my steps, did you? As I said, it is 100% reproducible. I have tested it on different computers, with a clean profile and even with the portable version.

  • @t3rm1 Ι told you 3 months ago that it doesn't happen and never happened. You can ask 100 people in the blog about it and no one will confirm it, as I happen to follow the blog and its comments daily for years and there hasn't been one time that someone mentioned that as a problem, so if you experience that with the portable version as well then I can't help you further.

  • @t3rm1 It may not be easy to reproduce because some behaviors don't seem to be consistent or, at least, I wasn't able to find out which would be the default one.

    Here if I do a search in Google and click on one of the results to open the page, that page will be on the right of the google search page and the next result opened will be in the right of previously opened one. So instead of A, A1 and B and would be A, B, C or A, B, A1.

    Sometimes closing a tab actives the one on the right and sometimes the one on the left.

  • @leocg Okay, so you got the issue sometimes. That's good. What is the next step. How can we get this fixed?

  • @t3rm1 Well, we don't even know if it is considered a bug that needs to be fixed. If you think it is, you can report it

  • @leocg Thanks for the link. I reported it.

  • @t3rm1 I'm start thinking that this is an intended behavior and there are some logic on it.

    Start Opera with no sites opened. Open any site (page 1). From site 1 open two links in new tabs . Go to the first tab on the right (page 2) and close it, the one on the right (page 3) will become the new active tab.
    From that page (page 3), open two new tabs and then close the page. Now the page on the left (page 1) will become the active one.
    And if you go to the page on the left (page 4) and close it, the page on the right (page 5) will now be the currently active.

    I think it's because Opera cycles between the tabs opened from the same page. So if you load site A and from there open pages A1, A2 and A3 and then open a new tab and load site B, if you close A3 you will get A2 as the active one, because it was also opened from A, and not site B.

  • The question is: Why would it make sense to open another tab instead of the previous one when closing a tab. I can't find any reasons for it. Too bad we won't get any response for the ticket.

  • @t3rm1 what do you mean by 'open another tab'? You don't need to open another tab.

  • I expressed it wrong. I just wonder what reason there could be that the tab to the right of the closed one gets the focus instead of the left (and previously focused) tab. Since I don't know any I think it has to be a bug.

  • I have the same issue. For whatever reason, if I close a child tab opened from another page, Opera insists on displaying the next open tab on the right, as opposed to the source tab on the left like all other browsers do. Pretty frustrating. v53.0.2907.68

  • It's super-funny, because I would like Opera to open next tab after closing active one, but instead it opens in some awkward order.