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  • Please:

    • Make it possible to mark comments on Opera Add-ons site as spam. There are way too many weird posts, with external links to some referral-based sites, or simply irrelevant posts.
    • Do no allow add-ons that install adware/malware components. At the very least without clear visible indication (coming from your team as one of the properties of the addon next to the category/version) that an addon installs hidden software. Allow us filter-out addons by this flag.
      These two issues really ruin my experience with Opera extensions. I assume there are more people who prefer clean extensions site from the developers of such excellent browser.
  • @operakk As far as I know, add-ons are manually verified before being published on the extensions page to avoid malwares.
    Regarding ads, I'm not sure if they are forbidden by the rules.

  • the only thing i've EVER run into in regards to extensions / addons for ANY browser is something rhat didn't work the way it was described. regardless of which browser ALL the extensions/addons ARE vetted very well.

  • Yes, I understand that. However, let's take a look at one example:

    FastestTube - YouTube Video Downloader
    The extension adds a simple drop-down below the YouTube videos where you can easily select and download the video in the format of choice. The extension uses code from by Ionut Alex Chitu.

    Looks quite innocent, right? However, if I open their web site, I see that this extension installs Adlesse Lite, yet another third-party software, that replaces advertisement with it's own ads (effectively stealing ads from web sites). This has unknown consequences for my privacy, which I wasn't aware of, and I wasn't warned about. This is just one example where Opera extensions site could do much better, respecting users privacy. If it would be clearly indicated that this add-on

    1. Contains ads
    2. Does so by installing third-party ads software
    3. This software may (or may not) affect other systems on my computer
  • i'll give you that one, but that IS a rare case. as i say you cannot catch everything.

  • The problem could be in the updates?

    If the 1st version is clean, it passes the manual or automatic verification, but once passed could be get it dirty in an update if doesn't requires any other verification.

    At the other hand, Spam flags for Extensions as for comments it's a good practice to keep clean spaces.

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  • My point exactly, there is no way to report spam messages. And there is no way to report such extensions. This could be improved. It looks like the vetting process could use some improvements too, if possible.

  • @zalex108 As far as I know, updates are checked too.

  • @leocg

    Ok 馃槈

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Opera Stable 路 Beta 路 Developer

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  • Would be great to have more variation on how to arrange extension list views: such as:

    • latest updated
    • latest comments
    • etc