Vulgar Ads just screw me up

  • Using latest Opera Mini 30.0 and I've all notification turned off moreover home page news is also turned off. But why Opera Mini force me to see annoying adult 18+ news notification???
    Sometimes I share my phone with my family members and those 3rd class vulgar ads put me in shame..
    Maybe its high time to bye bye Opera.
    Google Chrome is now my only option.
    If you guys (developers) doesn't take any steps for that I'll never ever use Opera & I'll suggest all of my friends to abandon Opera.

  • I used to love Opera Mini, and I'm still waiting for them to reserve this terrible decision of pushing full screen ads for its users.
    I'm trying Samsung Internet. It is available for certains phones with Android 7+ ...

  • | - As a Workaround -
    In a rooted phone you can use AdAway from F-Droid.

    Maybe blocks the "Opera" ad.


    About the News ads, there is post reporting the same from some months ago, some info was needed to fix it, you can search it in the Forums.

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