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Vulgar Ads just screw me up

  • Using latest Opera Mini 30.0 and I've all notification turned off moreover home page news is also turned off. But why Opera Mini force me to see annoying adult 18+ news notification???
    Sometimes I share my phone with my family members and those 3rd class vulgar ads put me in shame..
    Maybe its high time to bye bye Opera.
    Google Chrome is now my only option.
    If you guys (developers) doesn't take any steps for that I'll never ever use Opera & I'll suggest all of my friends to abandon Opera.

  • I used to love Opera Mini, and I'm still waiting for them to reserve this terrible decision of pushing full screen ads for its users.
    I'm trying Samsung Internet. It is available for certains phones with Android 7+ ...

  • | - As a Workaround -
    In a rooted phone you can use AdAway from F-Droid.

    Maybe blocks the "Opera" ad.


    About the News ads, there is post reporting the same from some months ago, some info was needed to fix it, you can search it in the Forums.

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  • This post is deleted!
  • @jackob11 Hi Jackob11, I'm a news editor for U.S. Opera Mini's newsfeed. By 'news notification' do you mean an article that was pushed to you, or the ads? If you have a screenshot or other example, let me know and I'll look into it.

  • @jbrandon I'm not from US. I'm from Bangladesh. In here every News Feed article & push notification from Opera all are Adult Vulgar news. Can you help? And how can I report to Opera when each n every ad is annoying vulgar ads???? Moreover, if I turned off news feed & turned off push notification, Still Opera force me to see Vulgar ads by giving some push notification in Opera Mini.

  • @jackob11 Interesting. Bangladesh is a new editorial market for our news service. U.S. started off with a lot of problem content too but has gradually improved from getting input like yours. For non-U.S. markets, I can pass along information to the content editor there. We can remove individual problem articles, recommend changes to what sources we block, and block vulgar ads.

    One thing you can do is report articles that are offensive in the app. There is an option to do this in the feed and at the bottom of articles I believe. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure where these go.

    For vulgar ads, best thing is to probably contact me with a screenshot of it so we can block the ad/ad publisher.

    If you have some screenshots (especially of the push notifications), I can send it to them and we can check how it was sent out.

  • @jbrandon i attach a snapshot of those vulgar ads. Since its in Bengli language you may not get it but look at the thumbnails. Ads related to Pornstar, Condom, Sex & someones personal sexual life.
    And one thing, for ads I mostly choose to see Tech, Gaming, Automobile related topic ads but that crappy "For You" option don't let me see that. I don't need that "For You" ads.. And there has no way to turn off ads "For You" feature. So, I turned off whole "Start Page Content"
    Snap Adult Ads

  • @jackob11 Thanks for the screenshot. I'll pass it along.

    Just to clarify, by ads we are talking about advertisements right? The sections at the top are what I've been calling categories or feeds. 'For You' is the AI section, part what people are clicking and part user profile. Seems we have some source review to do...

  • @jbrandon And those are news ads provided by a news Ad publisher & it placed in Startpage feeds.
    AI ??? Those ads are provided by Opera. When I do a fresh install Opera Mini on a new device then those Vulgar news ads comes by default. So, its not from users interests the AI delivers Vulgar news ads by default.
    I always against those ads & I never clicked it before. So, its cleared that those ads are not coming from my clicking. For 'Push Notification' advertisements I will attach another screenshot.

  • @jackob11 Yes, we found those articles. They're being removed right now. On a clean install, it displays only based on what others are clicking. Thanks!

  • @jbrandon Thanks a lot.
    Now I see less vulgar news ads but still there has a lot of adult ads. Look at this snaps Thumbnail. Another problem is, I tried to click that very very small 'x" button to report but its too small to press. I clicked on 'x' button but my click goes to those news instead. Its too problematic..
    News Feed

  • @mbaluta Please look at my snapshots. Those 'x' buttons to report is so small that I can't able to do some report. Consider to make it big.

  • @jackob11 Removing content like that is something we do each day, but it can take a little time. If you find any sources that are really bad (mostly bad content or offensive material) that would be very useful for me because we might be able to block it and solve the problem at the root. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Jackob.