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Flash player does not work; can not be able.

  • @shahramop What is strange is that Flash works fine for many others.

  • @leocg One of my friends has confronted with the same problem!!

  • Have you tried with a new clean Opera profile?

  • @davehawley Thanking you, I have already carried out a "clean" uninstallation(including deleting it in registry) and re-installation, I do not how to make"new clean opera profile"but I fear to lose my bookmarks and account that are important for me, today there was a new opera version, I downloaded it but the above problem exists, before I did not have such problem; I have this problem in both of my PCs, only in Opera, in other browsers flash player works fine.

  • @shahramop
    Doing that may not actually have deleted your old profile, and there could be something in there that is causing the Flash problem.
    Go to "About Opera" and see there where your profile folder is.
    Go to that folder in Windows Explorer and, with Opera closed, rename it adding .old to the end of the name.
    Then restart Opera which should then create a new clean profile in the same place.
    See if the Flash problem is still there on the sites it was failing on (you will not have your bookmarks so you will need to put the addresses in manually).
    If it's now working, there is something in your old profile stopping it working, which obviously needs to be investigated.
    If it still isn't working, close Opera and go to the profiles folders again, delete the new folder and rename your old one back again and everything should return to as it was before.

  • @davehawley Thanking you I did your instructions, but the problem exists, after changing the profile, adding the "old"to it (Opera Stable Old)there was a new opera without my old bookmarks, I tried flash player in different websites , but it did not work, and so I came back to my opera, deleting new folder (coming back to the same Opera Stable).

  • @shahramop
    You was almost got it..


    To Allow add a site.. just go up to green lock and right click it scroll down to flash and click always allow on this site.

  • Can you delete all the flash exceptions, close out of the dialog, close Opera, start Opera back up, add the exceptions this way:


    close out of the dialog, restart Opera and then see how it works?

  • @nvmjustagirl Thanking you, when I click on the "enable Flash" option, on the flash image, nothing happens, Flash player can not be enabled.

  • @shahramop 0_1510899713666_7dea3d64-1dfb-43a0-acfb-a0a0048ac765-image.png

    Go back to page ...if you see this image saying flash is installed that means thingy will show it shows maybe 1 sec if that.. unless adblocker could be messing it up

  • @burnout426 Thanking you, I did it, but the problem was not fixed.

  • @shahramop
    if you saw that image..ummm what am try ' n to say its already enabled..

    if at page and ya dont see it reload page..if ya dont see it...then sumthin gotta be blocking.. (spooky lol

  • @nvmjustagirl if you consider the screenshot that I have posted above, over Adobe Flash Player page(website) there is Flash player image, but, clicking(right click) on its enable option, it does not work and adblocker does not effect on it, even though it is disabled, I proved it, but the problem was not fixed.

  • 0_1510901106731_75b3a5d9-f7cc-4689-b51b-b732f3fbcbbc-image.png

    go to page .. do you see n e thing like this..

  • @nvmjustagirl
    nevermind am on wrong browser my bad !

  • @nvmjustagirl I think you have drunk so much or you have smoked too much, and so, do not disturb here let serious people help.

  • @shahramop
    i meant im on dev your prolly on stable so they prolly show the samee.. but thankyou n e ways..

  • This post is deleted!
  • @nvmjustagirl
    if you have flash installed go here

    to enable flash looks like this


    If that does't happen then ya got troubles..

    works on all latest versions opera with vpn on or off

    Hope this helps

  • For some reason latest Opera 49.0.2725.39 (PGO) for Windows does not give "allow Flash" button or dialogue on URL bar for number of web sites.

    This is what I had to do. I went to settings and manually added the URL for each web site where I wish to allow Flash. Only that way I manage to get the Flash run on those web sites.

    I hope this helps others to get this solved. Unfortunately there are number of great services still relying on Flash.