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  • Like to start with an apology as I'm thinking this is redundant, but I couldn't figure out to see if it is or not.

    Love Opera and have for years always trying others but finding Opera to be the providing what I need/want.

    That said, I've opted to use it as the browser of my choice on a second computer and it's that which brings me here. Obviously I set up the 1st instance the best possible way and Sync'd it to the 2nd. Sadly, my extensions and my well customized Speed Dial settings are not included in that Sync and I'm wondering why not? Seems incomplete otherwise. Consider that my suggestion/feature request then. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone at Opera!

  • Speed Dials are synced and can be found in 'Other Speed Dials'.

  • Thanks for your help, I found it.

    Not sure if I'm doing this right, I just want to update my original requests to include these changes.

    1. Speed Dial
    • Would then change my request to include selecting which Speed Dial to the Sync within the menu.
    1. Extensions
    • Still would like Extensions Sync'd and seeing how Speed Dials are separated by device as to address synchronizing across different platforms (desktops, mobile, etc...) then I'd recommend the same solution as with the Speed Dial, the ability to choose which Extensions to use for Sync.
  • @leocg but I think this is kind of an odd behaviour. I do not want to go through bookmarks to access my speed-dials. I also do not want to have to go through the hassle of deleting my current speeddial and replace it with another one every time I add or remove an item from the speed-dial on another computer ...

    I want a seemless experience. If I add something on one PC, I want to have it on all other ones as well.

    At least they should give us the option to reduce our speed-dials to only one that is synced across all devices.

  • @hal-deamon It has been a long time discussion with some preferring to have different Speed Dials and others wanting the same one.

  • @leocg I see. Then why don't they just make it an option? Of course I don't know if I am the only one who has this request (and without uservoice we will probably never know for sure how many there are) but for me this is pretty much useless at the moment.

  • @hal-deamon Don't know, maybe because adding such option may not be so easy as people think.
    And there are requests for having same Speed Dials on all synced devices.