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  • Haha, go post somewhere else. Don't spout nonsense. You've opened a thread that is no different than spam.

    Allow me to suggest that you have to get used to a new browser. It takes a little work. 😉 I think the new Opera is great. It's faster, attractive, has a wide range of new an innovative features -- like the superb speed dial, Discover, Stash, greater accessibility to a wider range of sites than the Opera you have been using -- assuming you have been using Opera at all.

    Perhaps you just come to this forum to waste our time. This thread should be closed.

  • Allow me to suggest that you have to get used to a new browser.

    Allow me to suggest you to get some life.

    It takes a little work. 😉

    It might take a little work for someone who has never used even a 70% of Presto's features, for others it would be like learning how to browse the Internet for the first time, or even how to walk.

  • @awzx: just go away and stop trolling.

  • @awzx: just go away and stop trolling.

    My first point is applicable to you as well by the way.

  • Go away... you have no points worth mentioning. Go find a browser you like and be happy instead of lurking about here trying to stir up trouble.

  • There's plenty of trouble around here without me... lots of users who feel deceived, hordes of uncontrolled spammers, a web browser that is not actually worthy of being called "browser"... stuff like that.

  • What you are posting, awzx, as with the initial poster here, is esentially spam. Stop spamming the forum.

  • I've flagged him, lem. Hopefully the moderator will at least issue a warning if not an outright ban.

  • Shouldnt this be on Page 2 or Page 3 with no replies whatsoever to whatever this topic is ?

  • @awzx: Last warning for you, too. Stop it or you'll get banned.

    @leushino: I was already watching him. (And flagging doesn't notify me anyway)