Opera Mini beta 31.0 Problems

  • On latest Opera Mini beta 31.0.2254.121775
    there has some problems.
    This version use the worlds worst font. On previous version there has clear font. But this font is problematic on websites. There has font overlapping problem. The numeric number seems too light & thin. Why ????????
    See in the middle of this Snapshot:- http://goo.gl/56q8Cz
    Moreover, there has no "Video Boost" option as previous version.
    What the heck is going on ???????
    Developers, please do something..
    Why this version uses ugly, problematic font?? Fix this ASAP

  • Another super problematic snap is here http://goo.gl/qPHv9w
    I pressed space each words ends. But after posting I don't see those spaces. It looks alike this:-
    WTF is really going on.
    @mbaluta can you say anything about this???

  • Font Problem is solved in the next update of beta.
    But still there's "Video Boost" option missing.

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