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"your connection was interrupted. A network change was detected"

  • "your connection was interrupted. A network change was detected"

    This message and the connection being dropped keeps occurring whilst browsing, using Opera, but if I switch to Edge there is no problem. I have updated my adapter's driver, cleared the cache in Opera and in the computer, but all to no avail. Can you please suggest a solution.

  • May I suggest you mention your OS and Opera version?

    "your connection was interrupted. A network change was detected"

    I've had this message on occasion, but ONLY when my better half switches off WiFi while I'm on (wired) PC. Hence, the connection was interrupted. Click reload by forward arrow solves this.

  • Thank you for your expeditious response,
    Sorry for the omission. I am using Window 10 and Opera version 48.0.2685.39 (PGO). My connection is fibre 100 Mbps. I turn WIFI off then log on via cable. In my case this problem happens constantly, every 10 minutes or so, the message lasts for 5 to 10 seconds and then it reverts to normal again. I re-iterate that this only happens with Opera and not with other browsers. I could easily make Opera redundant and use one of the other browsers, but I prefer Opera so would like to resolve this hassle.
    Interestingly, when logged on via WIFI there is no problem.

  • Have you tried reinstalling Opera stable in case you have a problem with your profile?

    You could also download Opera beta v49 (from which I post this) and see if you still have issues.

    Both Opera channels will operate side by side without one version affecting the other.

    Only other thing I could mention is that I once had similar issues but it wasn't Opera at fault. At the time I found my WiFi setup was dodgy.

    Either way, stick with Opera, as only by raising issues can we, the users, help the developers by passing feedback on this users forum for continuous improvements. (Btw, I am just a long standing Opera user and am not connected with Opera).