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Start Opera in fullscreen in command line

  • How to start Opera in fullscreen,
    I mean by that a window that takes all the space available (Like this ALT+F10 and not ALT+F11)
    Currently Opera start with that opera %U (What is %U)
    I use Linux(Manjaro).

  • I do know %U is a placeholder to represent any arguments (generally filename or URL) that are passed to it by the shell, so that if you have set Opera as default web browser and then click on a link in some other app it will start Opera with that URL.

    You should be able to use standard Xwindows arguments on the command line, in this case I might suggest -geometry:widthxheight where width and height are your available desktop size (not counting whatever bars your desktop may display).

  • The hyphen should be immediately in front of geometry, unfortunately word wrap in the forums doesn't understand that.

    opera -geometry:1366x750 %U

    ... might be about right if you have a standard sized 1366x768 laptop screen and the bar at the bottom is about 18 pixels.

  • Maybe you mean in a maximized windows... Like so

    opera --start-maximized

  • sgunhouse: ah thank you for explanation.

    jimunderscorep: yes that's what I meant "maximized window".

    For my problem:
    -geometry:1366x750 does not work for me,
    but --start-maximized work.

    Thanks for you answers 🆙