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Opera forgets speed dial links Ubuntu 16.04

  • Opera 45 Ubuntu Mate 16.04

    Browser keeps forgetting sites I add to speed dial, can't find any info about this, anyone have any ideas, thanks!

  • Is the Opera settings folder locked? Are you properly closing Opera before shutting down your computer or otherwise closing your desktop? There are a few other possibilities... some more details would help.

  • If you mean the ~/home/[myusername]/.config/opera/ folder, it has the same permissions as chromium browser and most other programs (drwx------) though sub-folders and files have varying permissions. I generally close the opera window before logging out or shutting down, but it never occurred to me I'd need to click exit or Ctrl + Q, I'll try that. Also it just occurred to me to try turning off Sync. I'll try both of those and report back.

  • Let me guess... 32-bit Linux hence the old version of Opera? (For 64-bit systems we're currently at 48.)

  • Yes, I am running Opera 45 on a 32 bit machine. I hadn't realized that Opera only an older version was available for 32 bit, I expect that explains some of the other problems I've been having with it. Pretty disappointing since the only reason I've been trying Opera out is that it's less resource hungry and faster than Firefox, thanks for saving me anymore wasted time.

  • I also use Opera 45 on Xubuntu 16.04 32 bit. There is no problems with Speed Dial for me. And I'm very disappointed too about the new versions of Opera. This browser is most faster on my slow EeePC. I'm very sad that there is no updates for it.