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Dammit Opera, you used to be cool

  • What the hell happened.
    I was using Opera for the last 10 years. And to me it was by far the best browser. I decided to switch from version 12 to this new version. All the staff I used to love is gone. Where are that panels on the left (F4).
    I used to use notes a lot, and now in there help all they say is

    During your upgrade, Opera 15 condensed your notes into an .html file, and saved them to your computer. Look for a file called Opera 12 Notes.html on your computer's desktop.

    What am I supposed to do with html file on the desktop. To me It's useless like that.

    Same can be said about bookmarks system. RSS is gone too.
    Why did they do this?

  • You have to get used to a new browser. It takes a little work. 😉 There are no panels, but tons of bookmarking possibilities, through a Personal Bookmarks Bar, the super new Speed Dial (where you can create folders within each speed dial position), Stash, and bookmarking extensions (You can use Opera extensions, or Chrome extensions, as long as you download the Opera extension, called, "Download Chrome Extension). " And when I say tons of bookmarking, I mean it's an abundance of riches. There are also features like Discover, and Off-Road mode.

    On RSS feeds you get them by extension. You can use the Opera or Chrome stores to get RSS extensions.

    Not sure what happened with your notes. I use an extension for my Notes. It's called Browse++, but there are many other choices. I never tried to carry over my notes from opera 12.16.

    I think you ought to keep your Opera 12.17, and take your time learning Opera 20. There's no rush. Enjoy both browsers. They have different features. I think the new Opera is great. It's faster, attractive, has greater accessibility to a wider range of sites than the Opera you have been using. It's also minimalist,and with a superb speed dial. There is no speed dial anywhere on the internet that comes close to this one. Don't jump to instant conclusions. And have fun exploring. If you prefer, Opera 12.17, no one is preventing you from continuing to use it. So let's have no griping or moaning. ;)) Really. Make the switch to Opera 20 when you have learned enough that you want to do it. And if you don't, then don't.


  • Not another one. Feel free to chime in one of the other boohoo-threads.