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Opera Coast 3.0 for iPhone and iPad

  • No, I'm talking about portrait mode (iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.4)
    Restarting Coast doesn't fix it either. It's permanently broken over here.

  • @alexremen

    I'm frustrated. I downloaded the new Coast for Ipod, and for a while it had the same tiles as my Coast for Ipad. Then suddenly all the tiles switched on both. They are just junk tiles now, nothing I wanted. I had spent months building what I wanted on the Ipad (like beauchamp-p). I should not not have downloaded Coast for Ipod. And while I am hesitant to restore the Ipad as it may do it again, I'm going to try to restore it. I remember most of what i had. I uninstalled Coast for Ipod. I'm not going to redownload the Coast for Ipod. I think that triggered the problem.

  • I restored the bulk of what I had. Now if it zaps me again . . .

  • Bug report about bug reporting: ^^

    Coast's bug report confirmation email begins with

    "Dear Coast by Opera User,"

    instead of

    "Dear Opera Coast User,"

  • Love Coast 🙂

    Will Opera be adding Opera Link to this browser? I know I can use iCloud sync to go between my iPod / Pad / Phone but what about going from say my iDevice to Android? Or moving between Coast and Opera Mini (for those times when I have a bad connection)?

  • Application of Opera Coast on the iPhone will be equipped with a myriad of features when you update to the latest 3.0 version.

    Basically, it's good for iPad and iPhone users, application updates Opera Coast version 3.0 will bring many new features for both include suggestions for finding popular sites. This application is also updated to make performance improvements in search and start up faster than ever. In addition, the update version 3.0 is also equipped with the ability to reload a specific site when the network is weak or no network at all. Lastly, there is a new feature in Opera Coast 3.0 also can allow you to navigate certain popular content easily.

    *)news source : [URL=""]Opera Coast, Alternatives Browser for iPhone Has Been Released[/URL]

  • The Opera Coast update: 3.01, and the official announcement.

    The change log:
    • Lots of stability fixes
    • Scrolling in Gmail works
    • Performance improvements for iPhone 4
    • Prevents ads from opening the app store automatically
    • iCloud sync fixes
    • Fixed searching with Chinese keyboards

  • I love this browser very much, browsing web pages is just like playing game. So much of fun!

    But.. I feel that this browser not very suitable on slow connection because I can only wait, can't switch to other tabs just like conventional browser do.

  • Hello,

    Is there an Android version in the pipeline?

  • I want to know how does the browser decide the search engine(Google or Baidu)?

    I'm using Simplified Chinese as system language and I'm at HK. When I first installed and used Coast on my iPhone, the UI is Chinese, of course, and the search engine is Google, which I'm quite used to. Then the second day I opened the browser, the search engine changed to Baidu (I think the website suggestions also changed from international websites to more Chinese websites).

    Since I can use Google without any connection problem, a default search engine like Baidu is really annoying and usually not useful at all. Also now on Coast if you start a search from the search bar with Baidu, it will show you a PC view of, but not the mobile view.

    I'm curious that why it suddenly changed the default search settings? Besides, any setting or function can be simplified, but please let us decide which search engine to use.

  • Nice opera

  • @cangyuyao: Change the system region from China to Hong Kong and it should switch the next time you open Coast.

  • Look! This is your opera coast! bravo!!

  • @cangyuyao: Change the system region from China to Hong Kong and it should switch the next time you open Coast.

    Thanks a lot! I didn't realize ios has an region setting. Finally done with google search...