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Opera mini 16.0.2 iOS and Top Stories

  • How can I turn off "Top Stories" on Opera mini (16.0.2) main page (start page). I do not need this service and I will never use it.



  • Hi,
    Any chance to be able to turn OFF the Newsfeed (I do not need it!).
    Also it would be great to have a dark mode like before.

  • You'll have to wait until they finally read the devastating 1-star reviews in the App Store and realize the non-optional news feed was a major misfire. I uninstalled Opera on my iPhone and replaced it with Dolphin (which I would recommend for now). I watch the Opera Mini reviews daily to see when 16.0.3 - without the news - comes out. Or better yet, Opera reverts to v15.
    BTW - If you search for "browser" in the App Store you'll find that Opera is currently the lowest rated. Ouch. But for some reason the news feed doesn't appear on the iPad version of 16.0.2.

  • I've just been auto-updated to 16.0.2. The Newsfeed is woeful. Even after setting my country, most of the articles are of little or no interest. If I want news, I'll use a news/newspaper website thanks, not some third rate tabloid-level piece of junk. Plus it's peppered with ads (ringtones, dating sites!) that repeat after every 4 or 5 "news" items. I use Opera to block ads, and they jam up their newsfeed with them!
    I allow app auto updates in my iOS settings, but it looks like Opera will force me to turn that off if their updates are going to continue like this.
    Terribly disappointed, I've been a happy Opera user for years.
    Please get rid of the Newsfeed guys, or at least give us a turn-off option!

  • I'm also very disappointed to see so much unwanted news when I start the latest release. I have more appropriate apps installed for news reading. When out with my mobile phone I tend to want easy access to a small number of websites, forums, blogs etc. A speed dial style start up page is all I need. I'm already looking forward to the next release which hopefully will take into consideration the adverse feedback about this matter which I'm seeing posted here and on the App Store.

  • Last week I posted a comment on the latest version update with the non off switchable newsfeed. Meanwhile I received an update to version 16 0 2 with stil the same lame annoying irritating datasucking newsfeed.

    For more than 4 years opera mini was my main webbrowser to save mobile data. On my former phone, it saved up to 96% mobile data!!!! On my nee IPhone it saved up to 87 a 90 %. Since the latest updates Opera mini saves only up to 75 up to 80 %
    Sounds stil like a lot but remember that the difference between 80% and 96% datasavings means that you use 4 times more data on 80 % than 96% datasavings!!

    While on the road now surfing a few webpages charges up to 16 Mb data. This is way to much for my small databundle 250 mb a month. I never used more than 100 mb a month using WhatsApp, Opera mini and Google Maps. Most 70 mb a month. I could enless surf on Opera mini. Opera mini is now pretty useless for me while being on the road or at work.

    I only use Opera mini now on WiFi anymore. On WiFi , its still an unbeatable browser compared to Puffin Dolphin etc, despite the lame newsfeeds.

    Fortunatedly I found Textbrowser in the AppStore. A very simple app, capable of only downloading html files. It charges data in kb s! I can surf endless again while being on the road for 12 hours a day working 100 kms far from home. So I am quite happy again.

    Opera: We did not ask for a newsapp sucking mobile data. Give us as loyal users the old mini app back with datasavings of up to 96% and no news or give us a highly tweakable betaversion......

  • Please make the news feed optional.
    Opera probably cashes in on every news click, even so, it's annoying and downloads more than I asked for.

  • WTF, Opera?
    I came here hoping to find a way of disabling this "feature" and I see I'm not alone. Currently running v16.0.3.
    Opera Mini has been my primary mobile browser for years and I will be sad to see it go, but spamming our speed-dial pages with unwanted garbage and offering no way of fine-tuning or removing it if we so choose, is simply unacceptable.
    It looks like the Android app may have a setting for disabling this, so why not iOS and who at Opera could have possibly thought that was a good idea?

  • Day by day, Opera Mini becomes a piece of sh*t. Since the developers ignores users expectation Opera Mini is falling down & down.
    An ad blocker browser becomes a great host to show those crappy dumb annoying ads !!!! Seriously??? Who wants to see those dumb news ads? The answer is Nobody.
    Now on the latest Opera Mini for Android; news are like floating here & there.
    Previously there has;
    Address bar ads & now Home page news ads, Notification ads, Lock Screen ads..
    And maybe developers are thinking to add Pop up ads, in built banner ads etc etc bla..bla..bla
    Ads are everywhere in this browser.
    This is not good, definitely not good

  • Wtf is the Opera team doing with what used to be the best iOS browser?!

    I can’t live with this spam “news” shit. I’ll try Dolphin that someone wrote about. Otherwise I guess it’s back to Safari + an adblocker app. But I seriously need my browser to sync with my Mac so maybe I’ll have to abandon Opera for Mac too. Such a shame because that is an amazing damn browser.