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Bookmarks disappeared on Opera Mini 28 for Android!

  • Help! Over the last week, I spent a lot of time organizing my bookmarks into folders and sub folders on Opera mini and then synced them to my Opera account--I had hundreds of bookmarks synced to my Opera account and only one phone linked to this account.

    I then signed out of Opera Mini on Android and then cleared the cache under the Application Manager. I did this because it was using a huge amount of space and I needed to free up space to install other apps. From what I read on the Internet, clearing the cache would only delete the browser history and offline pages and NOT all of my folders and bookmarks! To be on the safe side, I signed out of Opera before clearing the cache. After performing this action, ALL of my bookmarks and folders were gone! I went to my Opera account on the desktop and briefly saw the number of bookmarks and folders that I had but then it was quickly reset to zero. I haven't signed back into Opera Mini on my phone.

    I'm nearly in a panic and very upset that all of my bookmarks could be permanently deleted. I invested a lot of time into organizing them and was sure that they would be safe on my Opera account! Could someone give me some advice on what to do? Are they permanently gone or is there some way to still retrieve them? Should I sign back into Opera mini on my phone or would this just sync the empty bookmarks and history on my phone to my Opera account??

    There really should be some kind of clear warning on the Opera account or Opera mini if clearing the cache permanently wipes your bookmarks and folders... There was no such information on Opera mini or on my Opera account.

    Thank you for any advice that you might have!

  • It's been over a week since I posted my question and I still haven't heard from anyone at Opera. This is upsetting because I really need to recover my bookmarks and I thought that someone from the Opera staff could provide a solution to this problem. I've enjoyed using Opera Mini but will switch to another browser if I can't depend on the browser and sync to work properly.

  • I have experienced similar thing yesterday my bookmarks disappeared all of them

  • It's been over a week since I posted my question and I still haven't heard from anyone at Opera.

    This is an users'forum above all and although some Opera employees may reply eventually, you should not expect an answer form Opera.

    After performing this action, ALL of my bookmarks and folders were gone!

    I couldn't reproduce it here. Cleaning the cache didn't erase the bookmarks.

  • Thanks for your replies! Does anyone know where temporary files on Android for Opera mini are stored and could I recover bookmarks this way? Would the phone have to be rooted to recover these files?

    I've done a lot of searches on the Internet for solutions and there's some software that claims that lost Opera data can be restored using a PC and connecting your phone by usb but I'm a bit skeptical...

    I'm also confused by what happened with the sync itself. Before cleaning the cache, I signed out of my Opera account and still haven't signed back in, but all of the bookmarks were gone online after clearing the cache. This really makes no sense to me because I thought you'd have to be signed into the account in order for them to sync. I signed out of my account just in case something went wrong and thought that I could sync the bookmarks and folders back to my phone... It seems that there should be a way to recover the bookmarks from my Opera account unless the data on the servers has already been wiped.