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  • I recently downloaded Opera 47 for my Linux Mint PC. I have imported my passwords and logins from Firefox. However I can't seem to find an option to set a master password for this. Instructions on web say it is under Meu/Settings/Preferences (advanced)/Security, but I don't see it in settings/security and privacy and see no Preferences tab.

  • The information you were reading is about Opera 12. More recent versions of Opera rely on your system to prevent other people from accessing it.

  • If someone has physical access to my computer they can access all my passwords. Seems like a step back

  • They can access your websites, they can't actually see your passwords. But don't you have a password on your user account?

  • Seems to me anyone with access to my computer can open Opera settings and see my passwords.
    Also I am only now discovering, or so it seems, there doesn't appear to be any way to back up Opera settings (ie. save the profile so I can retain my passwords, bookmarks etc in case my file system fails or drive failure. These were options on Opera but they have unfortunately chosen to remove them.

  • How do I put a password on my account? Sorry I didn't notice that part until now

  • I was talking about in Linux... Opera does not show passwords without the user having to enter his system password

    Backing up your profile is no different from backing up any other folder; see About Opera for the location.

  • My understanding is that backing up profile will not work if you try and install it on a new OS install which would be the case if my SSD failed and I had to replace it. Also my Linux Account password would be of limited use to keep someone out. As I said if they had access to my PC it would be trivial to access my account as instructions to reset linux account passwords are on the web. I was really looking for a master password in the hope that wouldn't happen. If I am not mistaken past versions of Opera allowed backups and also master passwords. I am not sure at this point if Opera will work for me although I like the interface.

  • Old versions - specifically 12 and earlier - could do that, yes. But that is a long time ago.

  • Opera use Gnome Keyring by default. Read Gnome documentation.

  • Yes I do see a prompt for my Linux password when I opened Opera. I had assumed, wrongly I guess, that would stop working if I set Opera as my default browser. Firefox does not ask for a password. I will start a separate thread concerning backups of passwords, bookmarks etc