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Max Items in Bookmarks Bar, Stash & Speeddial?

  • Excellent stash of information there, lem729. I'll definitely be experimenting with it tomorrow. It's getting late right now.

    With your gold mine of info, it's possible that I might be able to pull this Bookmarks thing off with just the Bookmarks Bar, the Stash and the Speeddial without having to go the Bookmarks extension route. I really don't want to use extensions if I don't have to.

    Right now I only installed a NOTES / Notepad extension. I never used extensions before and I sure hope I don't have to suddenly engage in an extensions fest.

    Thanks a lot for the info, lem729!

  • Thanks for the info regarding the >> symbol at the end of the Bookmarks Bar, Coldwinters. I was hoping something like that would be the case. I already have the Bookmarks Bar filled with 10 Bookmarks. Now after that I'll probably just add Folders and organize the rest of my Bookmarks that way. Well, in conjunction with the Stash and the Speeddial as well of course.

    I just have to think and determine / decide on the best and logical organization layout among those 3 storing areas.

  • You can fit at least a dozen folders on the Bookmarks Bar if you use short names. I have 11 folders + 3 bookmarklets, and plenty of free space on a 1920 x 1080 monitor.

    12 folders + 12 subfolder in each + 20 bookmarks in each subfolder = 2,880 bookmarks.

  • Wow. Are you using the Speed Dial, and Personal Bookmarks bar also? What motivates you to chose Stash over other places to put items? Are you using the Search Feature to find Stash items. I would think with Stash if you have a lot, it might be hard to retrieve stuff.

    Yes, of course, I use both SD and bookmarks.

    For me, SD is for "visually-organised," most frequently used links, which I can think of as cards lying on a table, remembering "where" each one is.

    Bookmarks are for frequently used links that I want to use without opening a new tab (root level) or long lists of similar links, which don't have to be organised visually like SD. One example is a list of links to episode guide in Wikipedia for each TV series I watch.

    Stash is a heap of all the read-later, or probably even read-never, rubbish. I squeeze items to single lines, without thumbnails, and read their headers only after I've filtered the list using search. With my number of items, Stash search is the only way to deal with it. I've seen requests for Opera to make grouping and sorting in Stash, but I don't think I'd ever make any sorting effort with my collection...

  • Thanks for that additional bit of information, Pesala. Even as I went to bed last night, I WAS wondering whether there was Sub-Folder capability. Now knowing that that does exist, that will definitely make things easier.

    I definitely don't remotely have 2,880 bookmarks, but do have more than what would have been able to be handled without Folders & Sub-Folders.

    As Hannibal used to say on the TV Show The A Team ... I love it when a plan comes together.

  • As Hannibal used to say on the TV Show The A Team ... I love it when a plan comes together.

    Watcha talkin bout foooool! 😃

  • @linuxmint7

    I guess you never saw the show. 🙂

  • @linuxmint7
    I guess you never saw the show. 🙂

    @lem729 Uhmm... did you? That was Mr.T's signature line on the show.

  • Caught me there. 🙂 Didn't remember it.

  • Hah Hah Hah! And the plan IS coming together along fine.

    As of last night, I got through about one third to one half of the way through recreating my Bookmarks.
    So far I just did it all via the Bookmarks Bar. I deleted what I had in the Stash and haven't decided yet whether I'll incorporate the Speeddial or to what degree.

    It's that I have Dial Up and if I were to flood the Speeddial with Favorites, well, that would be that many more images to load ... or I guess at least the 1st time around until they get into the Browser Cache.

  • The speed dial sites quickly get in the cache, so the loading is only a big deal the first time, or the first time after you empty cash. The Speed Dial can be beautiful, and you can, if you chose, use it only for what you want to emphasize. You don't have to overload. Indeed, in my view the Speed Dial is like a house. Too much stuff in it, and it can make the whole browsing environment ugly. So far i have about twelve folders (with five to ten links in each) and maybe 8 more non-folder items. They take up only half a page. Nice wallpaper, and voilà, you have a wonderful environment . . .

    Of course, still, it's all personal choice. Glad that you are making progress.

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