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  • Hi, I still have Opera 12 because I'm yet to move my Opera Notes to the new OperaPortable using V7 Notes extension
    This extension only imports from Opera 12 Notes.html in a good condition.
    Now i just need to update Opera 12 Notes.html, any ideea how? I don't want to install Opera i already installed the Portable version.

  • Opera Notes.html used to be created when you were installing Opera Chromium (Opera 15+) while had Opera Presto (Opera 12 and older) also installed. I don't know if it's still the case with current version of Opera.

    I guess the only way to update the opera notes html file would be by manually editing it but I don't know how risk it would be.

  • It's difficult as there are over 3000 notes i don't know which one, how many or how to compare notes.adr with Opera 12 Notes.html. I think i'll download and install ver 15 then restore the system from image. ...Thanks.
    In portable install folder there is no Opera 12 Notes.html
    In old Opera 12 install folder was left a previous version of Opera 12 Notes.html

  • Take a copy of the file and try to open it with Wordpad (not Notepad). If Wordpad lags then any strong code/text editor will do. It's not out of reach to google about the method that was used to create that adr. Nirsoft has tools that were able to open Opera <12 created files, such as the wand one got open with Nirsoft tools.

    But I don't recall such of Notes. Anyway:

    Oh almost forgot V7 Notes can import both html and ADR -files.
    V7 Notes is pretty much similar all the way to the core with the old Opera notes.

  • Opera 12's editor for Notes is extremely fast it is instant. Wordpad opens notes.adr without problems. V7 Notes is very slow compared to Opera Notes and search function freezes Opera browser or takes minutes to end.

    V7 Notes can't import my notes.adr which is 1632 kb and has over 3000 notes, i wish i new how many notes are within notes.adr

    Still i failed to get Opera 12 Notes.html even if i have installed Opera_15.0.1147.153_Setup in all 3 ways, stand-alone, usb and upgrade the already installed ver 12.

    Opera 12 Notes.html is nowhere. The search i did included C:, Opera 12 folder and Opera 15 folder, desktop of course.

  • I'm not sure if this could help with V7 Notes: have u selected allow file access in opera://extensions ?

  • Sorry didn't receive a notification of your last comment, now i think i set it right.

    have u selected allow file access in opera://extensions ?

    These are what i have, all 3 unchecked:

    Allow in private mode

    Collect errors

    Allow access to file URLs