How to force opera launch to *always* open a new browser window.

  • I'm using the latest Opera 46.0 on linux.

    Is there a way to launch Opera from the command line so that it always opens a new browser window? I don't want ever it to open a new tab in an existing Opera browser window under these circumstances.

    Thank you very much.

  • I figured it out. It turns out that at least some of the info for Unix at the following site is incorrect:

    Those docs say that the way to force a new window is with the newwindow option, preceded by a dash ("-"), i.e. ...

    opera -newwindow [ ... other arguments ... ]

    However, that does not work. After running strings /usr/bin/opera and searching, I discovered that the option is actually new-window.

    Therefore, the correct command to cause opera to always create a new window upon launch is this:

    opera -new-window [ ... other arguments ... ]

    Someone should change the incorrect info at

  • The page says it was last updated for version 11.61, which was based on Presto. The new Blink-based Opera accepts many switches listed for Chromium, but switches for Presto will not work.

  • I think all pages under should be deleted since they are obsolete and sometimes misleading.

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