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46.0.2597.57 severe problems in connection with hardware acceleration & loading/video playback

  • Hi there,

    I've installed version 46.0.2597.57 only recently and was hoping to find severe issues finally resolved - but that hope turned out to be premature. I operate Opera on a Win7-64-pro-system on a board with integrated Intel 530 HD-graphics and a monitor with 4K display resolution. That having said, all the way to version 46 and since many, many versions ago videos in so called "full-screen-mode" have not been upscaled properly to full screen but played in native resolution in the upper left corner instead. Also, when playing CNN-Videos (and others, CNN only showing the most drastic effect), they got stuck every 10 seconds or so and were unplayable on the setting "use hardware acceleration". Without "hardware acc." on the other hand the performance on other data-rich sites was rather poor at times but overall still acceptable.

    Now on version 46 things have changed and videos are finally scaled properly to full screen at long last. - But, at what cost?! CNN-Videos get stuck even quicker and more often (if that is at all possible) and other (mostly flash) videos tend to lose/suppress frames abundantly and play asynchronous to sound over time on "hardware acc.". So, let's turn "hardware acc." off again. - Bad idea! In fact, very bad idea.

    Data-rich sites become sluggish to load to a degree that my broad-band-connection reminds me of the 9k6-modem-days of yore, even my (mostly text-based) mail-account gets unresponsive for 15 seconds before I can select any particular mail. But that all pales in comparison to e.g. "Google Maps". The latter site keeps on loading, ..and loading, ..and loading ..forever! To the effect that the final navigational layers (to zoom in & out and moving around) will never appear and thereby will render the site entirely unusable. And that is only the most dramatic example I've stumbled across.

    So, what the hell is going on? Who does release such crap in the "stable update stream"? And before someone here bothers to declare my PC-hardware as broken/outdated/virus-infected I should perhaps mention that "Chrome"/"Firefox" both work like a charm (only "Chrome" also showing stuck CNN-videos with "hardware acc." setting "on", but only in ~5% of cases, and in "Chrome" I can still turn that setting to "off" - and everything works fine then with only minimal delay when loading).

    Any comments / suggestions?


  • 90% of cases when stuff gets messed up is actually by a feature that's suppose to fix sh*t.


    Search for "Override software rendering list" and disable the crap.

    Check how it works then...

  • Thanks a lot "rejzor" for the effort - and good to know about that parameter.

    I have given it a try but unfortunately in vain. Actually that flag has already been disabled - and enabling it on the other hand didn't make a difference.

    With HWA "on" all CNN-Videos still hang/get stuck within seconds and with HWA "off" they will play ok - but opera becomes sluggish in general when loading sites, worst of all "Google Maps" which will NEVER finish "loading" and is totally unusable without the navigational layer ever coming up.

    This is the very same situation since the beginning of v.46 and occurs regardless of the setting of the "Override software rendering list"-flag.

    But thank you anyway, it sure was worth a try.



  • I would say it's a CNN problem with the videos not opera I have a gigabit internet connection and they fail to load enough data fast enough to keep up with playing the video causing constant stopping to buffer tried different browsers and they all do the same thing play a few seconds spend a minute buffering play a few seconds

    Do youtube videos play OK if yes then it's definitely sounding more like it's a cnn problem and a lack of bandwidth to cope with the amount of users accessing the site

  • Thing is, "athlonite", these CNN-videos do not buffer and then play on after a while. Once they get stuck - that is it, you might wait 10 minutes in vain and there is no usual busy-animation while (not) "buffering".

    I also have a broadband connection here and (apart from a "news-rush") also CNN-bandwidth seems sufficient as on HWA-setting = "off" the videos DO play uninterrupted - as they do with "Chrome"/"Firefox", regardless of settings.

    Alas, on HWA = "off" things go awry in Opera since v.46 (until v.45 loading of pages worked, even "Google maps").



  • v.46.0.2597.61 ...

    and the calamities described in this thread go on unchanged.


  • What graphic card are you using? I've noticed NVIDIA screwed up last few ForceWare drivers (or the opera their browser, can't be sure), making webpage videos in Opera a pain in the rear and no one seems to be interested in fixing it. Reported it to both Opera and NVIDIA and it's been like 3 months and no one fixed anything. Such garbage.

  • Using a board-integrated Intel 530 HD graphic with latest drivers from board manufacturer HP and 4K display resolution via display-port on a 4K-EIZO-monitor.

    3 of the other systems tested that show this unfortunate behavior also have on-board Intel HD graphics. But in how far could it be Intel's / the driver's fault when "Chrome" / "Firefox" do not show the problem?