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  • OK I use (depend) on my browser for my line of work. I require it for extensive research, and other time consuming tasks.
    As a result my browser might be open for weeks. After a great deal of testing. I chose Opera to be my daily driver. The only time Opera ever dies, is when it auto updates. This really sucks. Because, as a result, I can easily loose weeks of work, and research. This also means a loss of income -- sometimes exceeding a thousand dollars! The worst of it all, is that this can be completely avoidable. If only Opera would permit the ability to manually update. At a time less imposing.

    Where is that setting?! Or do I need to choose a different browser?

    Thank you for all your time, and consideration.


  • You can find answers to your question in this thread

  • Since this is a Mac forum and that thread was for Windows, maybe better advice would be what I got when I asked that question.
    Use the Mac Terminal and input this code:
    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPDisableAutoUpdate true

  • I am not really too fond of auto update either, though I do prefer the current version of Opera. However, if the current version does not fit your needs, I believe that there is a version history list somewhere where you can install a previous version. Just Google Opera followed by a number, but make sure you download from the Opera site.

  • It will auto-update unless you stop it.