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Open new tab automatically when click on bookmark

  • I know there used to be a setting for this in previous Opera versions. Is there one in Opera 20 Final? I am frustrated I cannot figure it out!

  • Middle click ?. I know it opens it in the background, but it's only a quick click to bring it to the front.

  • Very frustrating to me as well. Middle-click is fine for links to open in a background, but for bookmarks why would anyone want them to open in the background? That's just stupid and I expected better of Opera designers. Just make it like the old Opera so they open in a new tab and gain focus immediately.

  • I right click on the bookmark and choose open in a new tab and a new tab opens, but the tab is darkened while the page is in the background so i have to click the tab to bring the page out front,I really dont mind that but what I dont like is alot of stuff doesnt open in a new tab, I like everything to open in a new tab, whether it's links, bookmarks or whatever, I've been looking at the tab extensions and most of them do nothing, hardly any customization of the tabs whatsoever, I use Tabs mix plus on the firefox type browsers and it has tons of customizations, but nothing like that is available for the Chrome type browsers.

  • Just middle click the bookmark, and it will open in a new tab, although it's a background tab. You don't have to do the right click and the context menu. The middle click saves a step.

    If you want the bookmark to open in a new foreground tab, then either: (1) press shift, and then middle click the bookmark; or (2) control T and then left click on the bookmark. Choices. Lol.

    I think the middle click is the easiest to remember. For bookmarks, middle click on the bookmark if you want a new background tab, and shift middle click if you want a new foreground tab. And guess what? Ir works for links too. If you want the link open in a new background tab, middle click on it. If you want it in a new foreground tab, press shift middle click.

  • colderwinters,

    Just think middle click on bookmarks AND links and everything for you will open in a new tab. Shift middle click if you want it foreground, only middle click as background.

  • I didnt even know about the middle click, Thanks Lem, Right On Man

  • I think it was Aristotle who found the highest virtue in the middle path ))))) He would no doubt have loved Opera's middle clicking approach to new tabs.

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