Aussie Dictionary please

  • I am sick and Tiered of being left out, Can we have an Australian spell check dictionary please.

  • Seems to me the spell-check dictionaries should probably be the same ones Chrome uses, though Chrome does have an Australian dictionary and Opera does not. Not sure why, but it shouldn't be hard for them to fix ...

  • I thought that Down-Under English was very much close to the "Imperial" one in spelling.
    Then goes Canadian, while American English differs the most.

    Oops, I forgot Indian and Pakistani ones:)
    Wait, they're close or even the same in spelling as British, but pronunciation kinda differs*:)*

    Seriously, I beg your pardon for my inquest. I'm interested in the matter.
    Actually, I kinda know that the Australian pronunciation is close, but in fact, I can't be sure about the spelling now that I remember not digging much in it.🙂

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