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russian ads when using vpn

  • Lately I have notice that 'ads by google' on sites I whitelisted are in russian? Have been searching all over, but did not find answer. These are not pop up ads that some malware have. Today opera's vpn was slow so I turned it off. The ads after were in enghish, I turned on vpn again and the ads were back to russian. Use Canada or U.S. vpn. Does anyone know what is happening? Thank you.

  • I have noticed that google links are often in Cyrillic characters, and my hotel reservation link came up with a URL "" Does this mean that I look like I am surfing from Russia? Might be confusing if I am tracked by the FBI.

  • They know you're using a VPN and are trying to guess where you're really from?

  • And on my phone, currently, google searches end up in Cyrillic if not Russian. How to use this VPN and still read my results? BTW my link says that I am connecting via the US.

  • Having the same or similar problem here: When I set the Opera VPN to a location of US, then do a search, I'm getting results from Google Ukraine. I've tried clearing all history - same results.

  • Having exactly the same problem as kentchristopher. I will add however that the problem seems to be exclusive to Google searches. When I set search default to Yahoo or Bing, I don't get the Cyrillic result. Not sure what any of it means but it's a PIA.

  • Same with YouTube ads. Wish I knew why.

  • it is for the IP the VPN had changed the ip now stars with 77.11.246.* and that IP is from Rusia and Norway check the VPN settings and you'll see what I saying that's why google and all the services think that we are from Russia

  • I would like to know why I'm seeing the Russian language when I am using VPN on Opera. I do NOT WANT to be seen as communicating with Russia when I use VPN. This is like a red flag to the FBI and it's worse than not using VPN at all!

  • Strange, I thought it was Ukrainian. Google decided that all Opera VPN search results should be Ukrainian, makes sense ads by Google would be the same.

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