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  • Since a few days I can't download with the VPN on. Each time, downloading process stops about 6%. However if the VPN is off all is OK.
    Strange, isn't it ? I'd like to know if others members of this Forum have encountered the same problem.


  • I'll report this issue in our database.

  • I have had this problem since around 19/20 June. Downloads are announced as complete, but the files are small and, of course, corrupted.

    If Opera cannot estimate the completion time, so it only shows a solid progress bar and the KB downloaded thus far, it will complete just fine. But when the progress can be measured and a time estimated, it will fail.

    The size and percentage varies, it seems. Usually, it's around 10-12MB most often for me.

    I cannot try Opera on anything other than Macs, but it happens on all my computers, even with a clean new installation and mostly default settings.

    I have sent a bug report, but had no feedback.

  • I have also sent a bug report, but I'm still expecting a response. As I have already Safari (of course) and Firefox installed on my 2 Macs, the main interest of Opera was for me the VPN. If this matter is not resolved quickly, I'll uninstall it.


  • Since "Opera" don't move, before uninstalling I wonder if the solution might not be to return to a previous version.

  • jeanaymard: I don't think that installing on older version would help. For one thing, this seemed to occur between updates. For another, using older versions of browsers is rarely safe.

    kmielczarczyk: Is there any movement on this issue? The only reason for using Opera in favour of other browsers is lost if it does not work!

  • Today's update has not included a fix for this. I'm increasingly convinced that Opera's developers should be asking questions at SurfEasy. The fault must lie there.

    Yes, this is all free, of course. But your users are your reason for existing, so what have you left if people ditch Opera because its key feature does not work? Just a Chrome-alike.

  • Still not working properly. Different, but not fixed.

    Downloads become "interrupted" every few minutes, at random percentages and MBs. Resuming works, but has to be done several times for an average file.