Cycle tabs without showing list

  • Hello! I'm a classic 15 year opera user and I've been constantly annoyed by the list shown when cycling tabs using "ctrl tab" and "control shift tab". I never intend to look at it and it causes lag through not changing page immedaiately.

    Can you please bring back this functionality.

    The extension "Classic Tabs" brings back some functionality which in my opionion should be shipped in the product from scracth. Most importantly open tab next to active. Very annoying when you are using mouse3 to open tabs in background and they get all messed up in the end not near the tab which they belong to.

    • Force all tabs to open next to the active tab
    • Force all tabs to open at the end of the tab bar
    • Activate the last-focused tab when closing a tab
    • Activate the next/previous tab when closing a tab
    • Prevent Shift+click from opening tabs in a new window

    Classic notes funcionality with "ctrl shift c" to save text in the browser would also be apreciated. Found an extensions but it didn't support the keyboard command.

  • +1 for first idea - not to display tabs list and especially previews (optional of course).

    No comments for second idea - I have created personal extension to open new tabs always at right and always active; this suits my browsing habits best and I even don't know, how Opera behavior is changed over time.

  • +1. Right now it's really confusing.

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