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  • I thought since I had a bookmark manager extension, Tidy Bookmarks, and then I even tried as a bookmarks manager extension, Chromemarks, that I could save space at the top of the browser by eliminating the check in Settings, in "Show the Bookmarks Bar." I still have -- for bookmarks -- my speed dial if I do that, as well as vertical display of my bookmarks via either of the bookmarks managers -- Tidy Bookmarks, or Chromemarks (when I click on the favicon for them). Maybe I'm having a blank on this, but how do you create a bookmark without using the speed dial (clicking on the eight squares at the right of the address bar) or the Bookmarks bar (dragging the globe at the left of the address bar to the bookmarks bar.)

    There's nothing in either of the bookmark manager extensions that I have that with a click creates the bookmark. If you want a page you want to bookmark, right clicking on that page doesn't get you to a context menu that can give you the bookmark. The end result is that I seem to need to have the bookmarks bar at the top of the browser (to drag the globe at the left of the address bar to the the personal bookmarks bar, to create a bookmark). From there it will show up in the bookmark manager extensions and can be dragged to a folder, or can be dragged to a folder in the bookmarks bar).

    Neither Tidy Bookmarks nor Chromemarks seems to do it. So I'm stuck with a duplicate display of my bookmarks -- in the personal bookmarks at the top of my browser, and in the bookmarks extensions. Now there may be another bookmark manager extension that helps you create the bookmark, so I could eliminate the personal bookmarks bar. But I'm not aware of it yet. Of course, I may be missing something very basic. If anyone has thoughts, let me know.

  • What's wrong with Ctrl + B ?

  • Doesnt that Plus sign + on the left on the bookmarks toolbar add bookmarks ? does for me, it adds them to the bookmarks toolbar

  • Colderwinters, the OP is trying to get rid of the bookmarks toolbar, and that would get rid of that Plus sign as well.

  • The (otherwise rudimentary) Opera Bookmarks Manager extension adds "Bookmark this page" to the right-click menu,or you can click the Manager icon, then the green bar at the top.

  • Hopefully a toggle button will be added so that the QAB will be able to be toggled on and off as needed.

  • What is QAB?

  • What's wrong with Ctrl + B ?

    Ctrl + B adds a site to speed dial

  • What is QAB?

    In the days of O15 and 16, QAB was the Quick Access Bar,which later became known as the bookmarks bar.

  • Can't seem to edit my post. OK it was only implemented in O17.

  • What is QAB?

    In the days of O15 and 16, QAB was the Quick Access Bar,which later became known as the bookmarks bar.

    Thanks 🙂

  • I appreciate everyone's thoughts. Now Control B adds a bookmark or link to the Speed Dial I don't want to put the bookmark in the Speed Dial. (It would not fit in the type of items I'm displaying in that Dial). Ideally, I'd like to make a bookmark, and add it to my vertical display of bookmarks in Tidy Bookmarks, or Chrookmarks (I mistakenly called it Chromemarks in my initial post) (and I would like the bookmark to show also on my bookmarks bar should I chose to display it). Tidy Bookmarks and Chrookmarks are the two bookmark manager extensions I had been playing with. I had thought that with a bookmark manager extension, I could get rid of the the Bookmarks Bar (once know as the QAB (Quick Access Bar) as I wanted to avoid the duplicate display of my bookmarks.

    Ok, so Control B does't work. Yes, the Opera Bookmarks Extension adds "Bookmark this Page" to the right click menu, but I downloaded the extension, and when I use it and bookmark the page, it only seems to show up in that extension. Neither Tidy Bookmarks nor Chrookmarks seem to be able to find it. As the Opera Bookmarks Extension is so rudimentary, it's not worth it. (I don't want to use it for my bookmarking). The key is to find a good bookmarks extension that lets you bookmark a page. Otherwise you have to keep the Bookmarks Bar (QAB), so that you can drag your bookmark to it (from the globe on the left of the address bar). And you are stuck with a duplicate display.

    Yes, leushino, a toggle button on the QAB would do the trick, or a keyboard shortcut that could turn it on or off. You can keep it hidden, until you want to make a bookmark, and then toggle it on. Alternatively, what would be so terrible about the right click on the page, that lets you make a bookmark, that shows up in the bookmark manager extensions vertical display of bookmarks (and on the bookmarks bar -- QAB -- when you show/display it). Now there may be a bookmarks manager extension that is (1) not a piece of rudimentary junk 🙂 and (2) lets you easily make a bookmark (if you open it, it could, for example, have a place, maybe at the top of the vertical display of your bookmarks, "add bookmark" (is that asking for a lot?) and if you click on that spot, it would add the page you are on as a bookmark), but I haven't found the extension yet.(I'll look a bit more). So, it's not terrible. I'll just keep the bookmarks bar showing (and to hell with the minimalist look I was after)

  • I solved the problem, so I hope others might note the way to do this.

    You can hide the personal bookmarks toolbar, and still SAVE A BOOKMARK, as long as you have a bookmarks manager extension, such as Chrookmarks (other bookmark manager extension may well work too) for the hidden vertical display. You have to click on the Chrookmarks icon to see the bookmarks. (Here's a link to the Chrookmarks extension, which is in the Chrome store )

    Now you do need to be able to make a new bookmark. You can't drag from the address bar or the Speed Dial to the personal bookmarks toolbar because the toolbar is hidden. So to solve that, one can download Add Bookmark extension from the Opera store.(Perhaps it was added since I posted initially to start the thread, but I didn't see it before)

    What this does is gives you a right click extension menu on any page you want to make a bookmark the ability to make that bookmark. Right click on website to test it. And choose add a bookmark, and it will show up in the Chrookmarks display. You can leave it where it is there, or drag it to a folder. I'm sure it would work with other Bookmarks manager extensions, but I have only tried it with the one I have.

    There's no compelling need for dublicate bookmark displays, and the browser looks great without the Personal Bookmarks toolbar. Minimalist. I like that.

  • I missed something more. You can also add to the bookmarks bar by clicking the star in the address bar on the right hand side. 🙂 Still, the right click way of doing it is good too.