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  • helle everyone.

    well I have seen some suggestion aboud adding skype or hangouts and so on to the sidebar.
    well I thought lets keep it simple and put it in for everyone.
    so I am suggestion to put the top 10 most used messaging apps in the sidebar.
    what are these?

    1. whatsapp
    2. facebook messenger
    3. qq mobile
    4. wechat
    5. skype
    6. snapchat
    7. viber
    8. line
    9. blackberry messenger
    10. telegram

    maybe hangouts and allo too.

    They may not be in the correct orded but anyway I don't think there is any doubt that these are the 10 most used messaging apps.
    If we put all these in we reach almost everyone who uses messaging apps.
    This may look a lot of work but most of them can be easely put in with the site so I don't think that would be the problem.

    To much on your sidebar?
    Well you can just click the icon away so that only the apps you use are vissible.

    Last you may have seen that hangouts is not in this list.
    Well even google admitted that hangouts never rlly got from the ground. They even made another app called allo.
    So I would wait a bit with adding them while I wouldn't mind them being added tho.

    But in my opinion these 10 are a must have if you put messeging apps in the sidebar. You get them all or you don't get any that is the way I think of it.

    Thank you for reading
    let me know if you agree with me or not and if you support or not.

  • Just remember that they need to be accessible through a web page.

  • I think that Threema is importantn as well. The webpage works well and it would be great to find it in Opera as well.

  • Thank you leocg I will check them now.

    I have checked them all.

    And whatsapp, facebook messenger, wechat, skype, telegram and hangouts have a web version.
    and yea threema is also a good one thank you for adding. I have also checked that one and it has a web version.

    Allo doesn't have a web version yet but that's a new one so it may come in later.

    anyway adding all these to the side bar is my suggestion.

    let me know if you support or not 🙂

    thank you already for your reactions!

  • Well, Allo is available today for installation on Chrome. I tried to install it on Opera, but I couldn't figure it out.

    Has anyone been successful?

  • Has anyone been successful?

    Such discussion doesn't belong to this topic. Please open a new one in the correct forum.

  • Discord would be a good addition to the Opera sidebar. It has a layout similar to Messenger and there is a web app as well.

  • Can't wait for viber to be placed in the sidebar.