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Coffee, Yachts, and Medicine:)

  • Dedicated to the loving memory of our Michael McMillan (@mjmsprt40)red yacht sailing

    Do you drink coffee?
    I do. A lot of it.
    With it - apart from my "morning sickness";) - I cure headaches happening to me time to time. You can call it liquid paracetamol: it is coffee usual or a bit stronger, with certain spices - like cinnamon (the whole list of these I'm gonna need a dictionary, so it'll come later).
    Do you cure anything with coffee?

  • Though I don't personally have headaches, I do have friends who suffer from them chronically at times (particularly migraines), and many of them find relief from drinking a cup or two of coffee. Apparently the caffeine triggers some kind of chemical release in the brain to help headaches, as well as constricting blood vessels to help migraine sufferers sometimes get relief (especially when combined with aspirin).

    What I have found personally, however, it that black coffee makes an effective cleaning agent for hand removing certain kinds of films and residues off metal objects. It's particularly effective at getting that yellowish varnish-like nicotine/smoking residue off old office equipment like filing cabinets and steel desks. And, no, I don't smoke... but I have used coffee to clean up a lot of equipment coming out of offices where heavy smoking occurred for years.

  • Are you a cleaner? Like Leon the Professional? 😃

  • You can call it liquid paracetamol: it is coffee usual or a bit stronger, with certain spices - like cinnamon (the whole list of these I'm gonna need a dictionary, so it'll come later).

    I checked a dictionary. It appeared cinnamon is the thing I use the most, which is right. Then there is nutmeg, it's rarer to find in shops and it costs more. Then I use cloves - if the pain is more persistent. How do you pronounce it? Like "cluvz"? Or like "kloe-vz"? Coriander some times can go in there too.

    Actually, my usual pills are called "citramon" here. It's like aspirin, plus caffeine there, and certain other ingredient I forget, it used to be something else before then the goverment banned it.

    Yeah, caffeine does some tonus thing to the blood vessels, also it's said to help the organism to drain the excess fluids out. Like in pissing*:)*

  • You should try meditation and spend some weekly time in the nature, walk without shoes at home and nature helps too.

    Drink some Sea water or Himalayan salt diluted in water it's so good too.

  • Brewed coffee with more of those cloves now. Headache seems present today.
    Partly from sleeping-in, but mostly, I think, the A. pressure dropping and some jerk b-rrrrred his hracking car near our windows so that I could definitely feel the disgusting gases with my nose.
    I wish I had an RPG.:)

  • So, I buy ground coffee in usually like half a pound packs, then I use this thing -- how do you call it? A metal cone with a handle.
    Do you like coffee and how do you make it? Or do you mostly get it somewhere out? Like 🎤 Coffee in a Cardboard Cup🥁 ?
    What was your coffee this morning?drcoffee

  • There's a small coffee roasting company (Mother Lode Roasting Company) from my hometown in California I'm from that has the best bags of whole bean coffee. There's no reason for them to have this. No coffee growing, no coffee culture, not even that many coffee shops. But for some reason it's tasty. My favorite is their Sunrise Blend which is also what my dad drinks. Been having it from about age 12.

    I store them unceremoniously on a shelf at room temperature, but do try to only grind my coffee just before use. Electric grinder. Then I use a cone filter to do a pour over into a steel insulated carafe I have. Tastes great, I can make it as strong as a I want, and stays hot for several hours while I'm working. I normally drink it black and my BCC (Blood Coffee Content) is at least a .16 at all times. ☕ ☕ ☕

  • This morning it took me two cups of coffee to wake up, getting older...