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  • I like the two sidebars. There is not much room on the main one for more extension buttons. If there were another place for buttons from extensions to be placed other than the main toolbar, that would be ideal. In Slimjet, buttons can be moved to the top of a menu launched from that toolbar so that fewer of them have to be on the toolbar.

  • A merge is an absolute necessity.

    I like to use two browser windows side by side, for practical reasons, often needing to consult one thing and processing it in another. I have come to love Opera (and dislike Firefox and Chrome) and the screen layout extension for two perfectly sized browser windows side by side is FANTASTIC.

    Wasting horizontal space is bad enough for one vertical bar, that I have yet to really use or be convinced of that it is worth the loss in view screen width for me.

    Now I just added uBlock Origin ... and now an I stuck with a secondary vertical bar for a single extension? I don't want that extra bar. Because now I have 4 bars taking up width space in my use scenario.

    The left sidebar is half empty.
    So, use the top half for whatever factory default stuff.
    The lower half for extensions.

    Tried to hide the extension icon, could not
    Tried to move the extension bar, could not
    Clicked on unpin the sidebar ... don't know where it went, it vanished ... was hoping to put it horizontally above or under the address bar ... UNPIN < > HIDE or delete

    So, then I went to view options ... there they are.

    PIN the sidebar can only be on the left and vertical ?!
    SHOW the extension bar can only be on the left and vertical ?!

    So it is either or. I can either regain the space ... but can't have the functions anywhere else on screen? That's just silly, really.

    Please upgrade this so it can be horizontally on the top, if a user wants to maximize horizontal space on their screen and just have things organized the old fashioned way.

  • making it an option where one has the extension bar is one thing, make it mandatory for everyone simply **** NO. i like the extension bar right where it is at the end of the address / search bar.

  • The discussion here is not about it.

  • I hope there will be a merge soon.
    It's so nice to use Opera but it's so ugly with two bars now.
    Is there any other ways right now? Like.. just put the extensions bar to the bookmarks or some else?

  • I only use the Sidebar for WhatsApp and the Facebook Messenger. There are some Extensions for other Services, but none of them work the same Way and do open a new Tab. Would which there could be an possibility for developers to integrate that.

  • Great idea and cant understand how is it possible to make such a mess out of such good idea

  • One of the reasons that I used Opera was its second sidebar, and now it destroyed thanks to you. I suggest to Opera developper team to make this optional, because this is a big lost for people that like editable sidebars.

  • It can be disabled. Go to chrome://flags/#sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar and turn it off.

  • @njt145 That sidebar was not very editable or useful for that matter plus if you want extensions on the sidebar, the new one supports that.