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Opera Mini has problematic Download Manager Now

  • Both Opera Mini. The new Opera Mini 26 (latest stable) & Opera Mini beta 26 (latest) both has problematic download manager UI.
    When I just downloading a file then firstly the UI shows the total size of the file. But after some time the file size is vanished & there showing false remaining time to download the file. Here I will attach a screenshot of the problematic downloading UI. Hope, developer team will fix this ASAP.
    Moreover, since there has new UI in the download manager, the file downloading speed is too slow rather than previous version of Opera Mini.

    My suggestions:-

    1. Fix total file size vanishing problem of a downloading file.
    2. Fix false time remaining showing problem.
    3. Fix slow speed file downloading speed problem.
  • Well the screenshot is here

  • moreover, it takes so long time to start downloading initially & most of the times has very slow downloading speed.

  • It seems that on latest Opera Mini beta 27.0 developers pay some attention. There's no longer false remaining time but still download manager has lot of bugs. On same site, same downloading link, same network condition, same network speed & obviously for same file. One is downloading at 700-900KBPS robust speed & the other one is downloading at crappy 12-40KBPS speed !!!!
    And still the downloading isn't start instantly after I click download button. It takes 10-20 seconds to start the downloading process after I click download.
    Moreover, sometimes after press download the downloading isn't start (it just stuck) but when I press Pause & then press Resume it starts downloading..
    The download manager should be more polished.

  • If I try to download any unknown sized file. Then when the file is almost downloaded then the download got automatically restart & begin downloading from the first.
    I tried to download a video file approx 250MB.. But when it download almost 210MB then it starts downloading from the first automatically..
    I'm a limited data user & Opera Mini f**ks my internet data for nothing, with this crappy dumb built in poor download manager.
    It's time to move to UC Browser

  • @jackob11:

    best of both worlds: uc mini for it's robust, resilient and thus reliable downloads, opera mini for anything else.

    no more testing, no more frustration.

    my 2ct anyway, ymmv.

  • Actually Opera Mini is crappy poor about file downloading just because the developers are totally careless. 💣

  • I tried to download a file about 600MB. After click download button Opera Mini says "Invalid Link" but All other browsers like (Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, UC Mini, Dolphin, Puffin) & download manager app like (ADM Pro, TDM, DAP/ADA+) all are full ok to download that following file while Opera Mini says "Invalid Link"
    Opera Mini's all mode; Exteme mode, High mode & while data saving is off also shows "invalid link" when I tried to download that file.
    Actually the link was full ok but poor Opera Mini's poor download manager think as it "Invalid"
    WTF ????

  • ooch, @jackob11

    your continuous complaints about opera mini's download management gets quite tiresome.

    have you at all bothered to read my recommendations or do you come here just to shout out and whine, and demand a fix that is only relevant to you and your apathy to use another apps for downloads?

    please do become more sociable or stfu and gtfo.

    most respectfully