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Opera 12 Vs. Opera Next Functionality

  • Hello, I have the DuckDuckGo extension it just add a button aside the omnibox and add the DDG to search engines, but when I type d (shortcut for DDG) it shows me the duck icon and the string to search for but when hitting Enter it does NOTHING, so shortcut does not work for DDG in the omnibox, it does not work even if I select manually with a click DDG, I've also installed Diconnect Addon but it does just the same, it just add a button to my browser but it has no effect in omnibox default search engines.

    So I think Opera is dead until I can add my own bloody search engine, my security is my responsibility I don't need a company with babysitter complex to decide what search engines I can use, Opera looks nice but functionality is what I need.

  • LOL... back in the "day" when AltaVista was the major search engine, you just bookmarked it and when you wanted to search, voila. Bookmark DuckDuckGo by placing it on your QAB or your Speed Dial. Is it really sooo very inconvenient or hard to do? Opera is not dead by a country mile but there will always be certain ones who demand it perform exactly as they wish OR they storm off to find something else. (sigh)

  • @herudae

    Very puzzling, unless you need to reinstall the Opera. But listen, BELIEVE ME, it works. ;)))) For the moment, deactivate or Delete the DuckDuckGo extension (that gives you their search bar). Now on Disconnect Search, you can DEFINITELY search from the main address bar. I do it all the time. I use Disconnect Search and generally i use DuckDuckGo with Disconnect Search. It works (at least in Windows 7, which I have)

    Go to settings/options (there's something like that in it) (I think you right click the Disconnect Searc icon to get the menu for this) and in Disconnect Search, put the dot in search from main address bar, if it's not there. . And select that you want to use DuckDucKGo with it. (and in the disconnnect Search option, you can choose your prefered search engine. Now afterwards, when you do a search from the main address bar watch the icon all the way to the left of the address bar. It should indicate a closed panel and a disconnect search. Or something like that. I'm typing this from an Ipad, so please me if I'm off a drop, but i am going from memory,

    Opera has no babby sitter mentality. As long as you have added DucKDuckGo to your search engines (and Opera lets you add almost anything to your main search engines, including DuckDuckGo,), you should be able to search from the main address bar by just typing the letter d and the search.

    With Disconnect Search, however, if you put the settings right in it, no need to type the d at all. Just do your search from the main address bar. DuckDuckGo will have become your default. Be of good cheer. It's wonderful. 😉 Or at least should be for you

  • @leushino I think everyone should have the right to choose what search engine to use in its browser, it's not that I have Opera to work that way, it's just they way it should work, holy crap, even GOOGLE Chrome allow us to delete Google from the search engines list, besides I don't want to have plugins to be able to use the search engine I want to use nor I want to make one, two or fifty additional clicks because the developers of a browser decided to take away some liberty from us.

    @lem729 I understood what was happening to Disconnect, when you type in your search bar it shows Google logo, but after hitting Enter Disconnect overrides the search and uses your default, but the results page is not the normal results page from DDG, it has been modified. Talking about shortcut, DucDuckGo won't work from the omnibox, the "d" shortcut is useless, selecting by clicking the duck face in the omnibox doesn't work either and trying to select a text and right-clicking to Search With DuckDuckGo for Opera will just frustrate anyone. By the way someone tell in this post Opera Team blocked default search engines in the name of security, to avoid default search engine to be hijacked, if it's the case we're seeing a babysitter who take away a dangerous object so you won't harm yourself because of your ignorance.

    Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate the feedback, I'm leaving this post and right after that I will uninstall both versions of Opera, I don't need them anymore and they are not enough good for me to use them, and @leushino, I'm not "storming off to find something else", at this historical moment we have too many options to stick with a lesser one, it's sad because I liked so much the Opera concept I have made an effort to use it, I already have installed and tried to use Opera as my main Browser at least 8 times, but I always ended disappointed.

    Good bye and good luck to every one.

  • @herudae,

    Thanks for your note. And good luck. Hmmmm. you tried Opera 8 times already. Something seems to draw you back. I'd call it intuition -- that voice within you that says, this is what i should be using. Sometimes, you don't get everything perfect. Listen to the inner voice. And for sure, 9 is a lucky number. :))) Have a great day!

  • @herudae: Good luck to you. I guess we all have to make decisions regarding what we will and what we will not accept (i.e. tolerate). For me the search engine is not a big deal and certainly having it as a bookmark is no issue. But I recognize I'm pretty easy about things and for others this IS a deal breaker. Anyway... all the best. Good-bye.

  • I have just tested the latest Opera 20 and have compared it with Opera 12.

    Missing Important Features:

    1. Bookmarks -- I have over 5000 bookmarks in Opera 12. They are just gone. An extension called "Bookmarks Manager" can import bookmarks from Opera 12, but this extension is considerably more inconvenient than the Opera 12 bookmark system. Without my bookmarks I cannot access some of the important websites I need to visit, especially my own 300+ websites. What a pity that I cannot visit MY OWN websites!

    2. meta redirect control -- "Meta tag redirect" is used to redirect visitors from old websites to new websites. This happens when you move a website to a new domain. With Opera 12, you can always visit such old websites. This feature has proven to be very useful when you are in the process of moving a website to a new domain. I own quite a lot of old websites. So, if I stop using Opera 12, I can never go back to my old websites.

    3. MHTML web page saving -- You can save a web page in ONE MHTML file with Opera 12. I have saved thousands of web pages in the MHTML file format with Opera 12. With Opera 20, you cannot save a web page this way, and you cannot view your archive of web pages saved in the MHTML format anymore. MHTML has been so useful, and I cannot give it up.

    4. Default font set -- The default font set is MS P Gothic (for Japanese-language websites anyway) with Opera 12, but it is Times New Roman with Opera 20. No Japanese use Times New Roman in Japanese, of course. As a result, Japanese-language websites look very strange, not the way they should look. This can be adjusted if you do a few things in the settings, but it is hard to find where to look.

    Good things about Opera 20:

    Opera 20 is certainly faster than Opera 12. But that is just about it: there is nothing else to praise.

    Bad things about Opera 12:

    With Opera 12, you cannot tweet on the PC version of Twitter, and you cannot follow or unfollow other accounts either. You need to access the mobile version of Twitter to tweet and follow / unfollow other accounts.

    My own decision:

    I will stick to Opera 12 at least for now. When I need speed, I will use Firefox. I cannot part with Opera 12 because of the first three problems I mentioned earlier. When I need to access Twitter, I will use Firefox or just access with Opera 12.

    By the way, I prefer to use Opera 12 especially when I write articles for blogs, because Firefox often deletes all my writings and I have to write the same things all over again.

    There are so many things that make me continue to use Opera 12, but there is none that compels me to use Opera 20 or Firefox, or for that matter, Chrome.

  • Did you try in Opera 20 Menu/More Tools, Bookmark Importer, and Check Import to the Bookmarks Bar. You could try managing your bookmarks from there. You can make folders within folders with an extension. Perhaps, Chrookmarks for Chrome, which I have and which permits the making of folders within folders. never use that primitive Opera Bookmarks extension, and I believe you can import from the place on the Menu I cited to you.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for telling me about the Bookmark Importer, lem729. I have just tried it, but it has a few probelms.

    1. Some bookmarks are shown in the bookmark tool bar, and the rest of them is all hidden. There are a few problems with this.

    It is inconvenient to get to the hidden bookmarks because it takes extra time, and this extra time seems a little too much.

    Another problem is when I show my computer screen to other people. My bookmarks are basically secret. I do not want to show them to other people, but they are in the bookmarks tool bar so everybody can see. I often show my computer screen to students in my class. You can imagine an awkward situation when I do it with Opera 20.

    What I need is the same bookmarks system as the one in Opera 12. That way, you can hide your bookmarks easily by using folders.

    I have found that the same thing can be done with Opera 20 too, by dragging and dropping bookmarks folders into one folder. But it takes a lot of time to open this folder, and it is too inconvenient. "Over 5000 bookmarks" is not a joke; it is true, and a folder with 5000 bookmarks and a lot of sub-folders seems to work too slowly. Also I do not like the way bookmark folders work: it is just like Firefox bookmark folders. Those Firefox bookmark folders are terrible when you have hundreds of bookmarks in one folder: it takes too much time to go through bookmarks from the top to the bottom.

    I need to go through thousands of bookmarks quickly and efficiently every day. So far Opera 12 is the best for that.

    1. Bookmark folders open too slowly when thousands of bookmarks exist in them.

    This is what I have just talked about.

    The only problem with Opera 12 is speed, not functionality, I do not want Opera to change functionality. In any case, the reason I use Opera 12 is its functionality, not speed, and I am satisfied with the functionality of Opera 12.

    In conclusion, the Opera 20 bookmark system is useless.

  • @trinarystar

    On the "hidden issue, "I've found a solution for you in Opera 20 🙂 (I know 500 bookmarks is a lot, so I can't speak to whether this can work for you in terms of transferring them to Opera 20). I do know though that with the Chrookmarks extension (I provide a link to it below), you can easily make folders within folders by right clicking on a folder. You can't do that in the Personal Bookmarks toolbar. Of course you can drag and drop folders on top of each other in Chrookmarks too. So with Chrookmarks, you have a better vehicle for storing a helluva lot of bookmarks -- folders within folders within folders, ad infinitim. But anyway, the main point of this post was to put to rest your concern about the privacy issue because I found an new extension:

    1. First of all, you'd download the extension from the Chrome Store, Chrookmarks.

    You can play around with other extensions later to see if you can find one better, but try this one first as I like it, and I know it will on the issue you are concerned about.

    Now all of your bookmarks should show up in a vertical display in Chrookmarks, when you click on the bookmark icon. Unless you click on the icon, it's hidden (similar to the way Opera 12.17 works, when you don't show a bookmarks toolbar).

    (2) Go to Menu, Settings, Bookmarks, and TAKE THE CHECK OUT OF "Show the Bookmarks Bar."" Now your bookmarks WILL NOT display across the top of the browser. The only display will be hidden -- a vertical display if you click on the Chrookmarks icon (which is the way Opera 12.17 could work -- with a vertical display.

    (3) Now you do need to be able to make a new bookmark, not just have the ones you added from Opera 12. So download Add Bookmark Extension from the Opera store.

    What this does is gives you in you a right click extension menu on any page you want to make a bookmark the ability to make the bookmark. Right click on website to test it. And choose add a bookmark, and it will show up in the Chrookmarks display. You can leave it where it is there, or drag it to a folder. Chrookmarks permits organizing alphabetically or chronologically.


    Your bookmarks are private. No display across the top of your browser that anyone can see.

  • @trinarystar

    I just realized you can also add a new bookmark to the bookmarks bar by clicking the star icon on the right side of the address bar. Now if the bookmarks bar isn't showing, the item you just bookmarked still shows up in your bookmarks in Chrookmarks. So all in all, you can hide your bookmarks quite well in Opera 20.

  • What I really do not understand is why those of us who hate Opera with Blink are considered anti-progress, old-world-advocaters and evil conservatives. I love progress. I really would love to see Opera progress, but here is what Opera Blink / Next / New engine / etc. has brought us:

    • no 64-bit version
    • simpler yet less useful bookmarks
    • no customer support from Opera

    And these the lacking features why we (or at least me) loved Opera in first place. Take these out, and it does not deserve to be called Opera any more. Also I do not see the point in making a very ill copy of Chrome with way less features. If I wanted Chrome, I would install Chrome. Which is not a browser, but a spy-software. But to have a dumb version of Chrome with a red O on it? Why would I? It makes no sense. And not because I would be against progress. I am against meaningless stuff - especially with a very reduced feature-set.

  • Here is what Opera blink has brought us -- lighting fast speed, better rendering of sites, an innovative Spectacular Speed Dial, the best on the internet, more bookmarking possibilities than with any other browser on the web, Off Road mode, for those with less than stellar computers or wifi, Disocover Mode for those times you want to click a few links and travel round the world in multiple languages, and Stash (for the place to store something real quick, that you intend to come back to. Opera as an innovative designer of software hasn't given up anything through the years. It's a company with a breakthrough browser in Android and with the completely dazzling Coast for Opera, for which words can barely do it justice. There is no reason to be discouraged. Indeed, there is only reason to be encouraged with where we are now with Desktop Opera 20. The future is for those who don't let the nattering nabobs of negativism, like tgaal, destroy your pleasure.

  • lem729, Thanks for your comment. It looks like that there is another version of Opera 20 which I have not tried yet, and it is totally different from the one in the downloads session of Opera. I hope some day I too will discover the browser you are talking about. I would really love to.

  • Opera 20 is superb. It is the one in the downloads section. Can't you smell the coffee brewing :))))) I've never had as much fun browsing as with it.

  • OK. I am convinced now. Not. You might have not been with Opera from v. 7, so you did not see all the fine stuff Opera started way ahead of the others and have now ditched. I really am for progress, but losing features (especially those that other browsers have) is not a good way to progress. You can strip the browser down to dry bones so that it would be lightning fast, but this is not the only reason why Opera was great. No wonder some are still using v 12.
    Thanks for the tip. I will go now to have a coffee and then I might forget about my love for Opera and consider it what it really is: a copy of Chrome.

  • I was with Opera, when you had to pay to use it (around 2005). I believe it was well before Opera v. 7.. It's an entirely different concept now. I don't need or want all of the features that you do. Nor do I believe the vast majority of users would want those features. So why overload the basic browser with them, and slow it down, and make it clunky. If there's need, let it be met via good developer extensions. And of course, I do mean good ones. In fact I'd never use many of the features you want. I would prefer a simpler cleaner faster basic browser, and then add, only what I personally need or want via extension. If what you need isn't in the basic browser, ask for the developers to add extensions to meet the need. Opera Presto is becoming and will become increasingly incompatible with websites. So the way to go is with Opera 20 which is a fast, minimalist browser, open to a wide range of extensions, and capable of giving a better rendering of sites than Opera Presto.

  • Beautiful words @lem729!

    I think Firefox is trying to clone Opera 12, just check the new version. No one can deny, New Opera gives an amazing browsing experience!

  • @sidneyneto

    Thanks, my good man. And yes. it is what you say. When I go to desktop, and start with the Speed Dial -- all of my favorite choices there -- it makes me smile. I looked at the latest update of Fireox for a comparison, and it's just not in the same league :)))

  • @lem729

    The number of my bookmarks is not 500. It is 5000, that is, FIVE THOUSAND. Opera 20 does not seem to be able to properly handle this many bookmarks.

    I already had around 500 bookmarks a year or two after I started to browse the Internet for the first time. That was a long time ago. Most of the people living in Japan did not access the Internet at that time, and Bill Clinton was still having fun with his secretary at the White House if my memory serves me correctly.

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