Opera Linux .rpm codecs support

  • Version:	45.0.2552.812 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream:	Stable
    System:	Fedora 25 (Twenty Five) (x86_64; KDE)

    don't support:
    H.264, MP3, AAC
    unlike opera on other platform(http://imgur.com/a/roYJD)

  • Yes, opera's build in libffmpeg.so has poor html5 support. If your distro already has chromium-codecs packaged, install it and opera will use chomium's libffmpeg.so which has far better html5 support.

  • Where I should to put it(libffmpeg.so)?

  • You do not place it somewhere. Once it is installed, opera will detect it. Opera is hardcoded to look in these locations.

    $ cat /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/resources/ffmpeg_preload_config.json

    I have no idea what the first one could be. The other two are where the chromium-codecs-* installs its libffmpeg.so, depending on your distro of course.

    p.s. Stupid forum editor ruins the formation of what I wanted to write there. Here is a proper output on pastebin


  • If there is an underscore in a filename, insert a backslash before it - or indent the block by 4 spaces.

  • $ find / -name libffmpeg.so 2> /dev/null
    $ cat /usr/lib64/opera/resources/ffmpeg_preload_config.json 

    reason is wrong location

  • Make a symlink then to the folder opera expects it to be. Or edit the file, but you will have to edit it the next time opera updates and changes it again.

  • reason is wrong location

    Did you manage to get it working? I added the lib64 paths after installing chromium via dnf but it still won't play h.264 encoded videos...

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